Mangalsutra – The reason why men avoid chastity!!

Mangalsutra –  The reason why men avoid chastity!!

The story showed a chaste man who does not give in to the advances of a cheap readily-available-to all sexy female! Guess what happens to him!

The sexy siren gets killed accidentally and her ghost possesses him – especially when he is about to do-the-needful with his wife!! Eemeegawds!!
Well I happened to watch this late night film on TV…I did not watch till the end but I can understand that Rekha (wife) will win over the ghost by virtue of her piousness and mangalsutra!

Some myths busted by this film:

A human does not lie just before he/she is about to kick the bucket. Well folks, the ghost lied about her death to the tantric..saying things like she was in a relationship with the hero and blah blah! So if after-death a ghost can lie…then obviously before death such a soul can definitely lie!

The hero could be saved in the end because he himself was chaste and true to his love since childhood…had he not been chaste but a flirtatious playboy…could he be saved? Should he be saved?

Had the hero given in to the advances of the sex-starved female…he would not have gone through such gory existence…of getting possessed by ghost, hitting his own wife – unknowingly etc…is this the reason why males immediately jump on bed with any female who shows even a wee bit of interest to beep?

The female ghost tries to rape the wife!! Very Strange Indeed! Like it was a female’s dead spirit that possessed the husband’s body….why would it want to rape? It could just hit her hard..or killed her…whatever!

Rekha – the wife was a very religious woman – believed in God…but her husband did not – he was an atheist! How can you be in love with such a person who does not believe in your beliefs…esp. related to faith and God? What kind of love is that …where your views and opinions differ…yet you want to live with such a life partner!?

Anyway – so you see folks, we, who belong to the 1980’s, have grown up watching such films…and then you call us superstitious and dumb…do we really deserve such adjectives?


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