Marriage – The Permutations and Combinations


1. You are ok – I am ok situation – the mostly seen marriage. Live together under the same roof without much tiffs. Doing respective duties as expected and enumerated by Society.

Both Man and his wife were virgins before marriage. Both lost their virginity after marriage. Both are confident that the other one belongs to him/her and will most probably remain his / hers for good – for if he / she could remain a virgin till marriage – must have turned down several proposals of mongrels (amply available in our society – Ghor Kalyug) –thus it is expected and understood that the man or the woman would not go seeking a new sex object after marriage. Sense of security is intact. Children born to such partners are average and above average , even versatile sometimes since they belong to well knit family and have the confidence that he/ she will always have their parents to fall back on.

2.You are not Okay, I am not okay Situation : the lately seen marriage. Live together under the same roof without much tiffs.

Both man and wife have happily ‘humped’ around available desperate house wives / desperate or sex starved boys or girls before marriage. Both know of each other’s escapades before marriage but still accept each other for both of them have amply slept around. They too live under the roof without much problem. If any one partner goes looking for sex outside marriage – then the other partner will promptly start searching for one and take instant revenge. No one believes in sacrifices here. Children born to such partners are below average / poor in character. Might somehow manage to pass examination and soon join any Organization and work whole heartedly to make money by hook or by crook. Often seen taking to drugs and alcohol for even if Bollywood actors and actress, Directors, Producers have an extremely derogatory personal life style, they make it a point in the movie to show that ‘Truth and righteousness always triumphs’ – thus show that the end result of the debauch villain and shameless vamp is always bad. Thus a kind of fear factor enters in the child’s mind and he / she becomes aggressive and bold and starts to make hay while the sun shines !! Lead a sad and unhappy childhood and deplorable adulthood. Like children, Like parents. History repeats itself.

3. I am Okay but you are not okay situation The Often seen marriage. Live together under the same roof but with constant tiffs.

Happens under the following circumstances :

  1. When a sealed, untouched hymen is broken into by a ‘hazaar fucked’ dick!- Situation is commonly seen in India for most Indian Mothers become afraid of their sons after he attains puberty ! They do not talk or teach of sex to them and thus boys learn of sex from available mongrels of the society. There is not much use to getting ‘sex’ counseling from the father because most Indian fathers themselves are a lot confused about the crazy little thing called ‘slit’ – the reason why the semi – nude Item girls are sucking in all the money of the Nation through all her grooves !

But the same Mothers are very strict when it comes to daughters and keep their daughters under strict vigilance till she gets married !Thus daughters are virgins but sons are (mostly not all)‘hazaar fucked’ by the time they come to marriageable age !

Problem starts when the virgin bride comes to know that her newly wed groom is a ‘hazaar fucked’ villain ! This she comes to know – either through the husband himself (if he is utterly foolish /or has a couldn’t careless attitude and confesses of his past escapades) or is told by neighborhood ladies and other relatives from the groom’s side .Now this fact becomes intolerable by the bride for she begins to think of herself as a Goddess in the clutches of Ravana Villain !! But things cannot be changed now that she is married – thus reluctantly she gets pregnant and lets the ‘seed of the debauch’ sprout in her womb…as Motherhood has been marketed pretty well by the media !!Henceforth , she just exists as a ‘lettuce leaf’ for the rest of her life bringing up children and constantly fighting and arguing sarcastically with her husband !

B. Same is possible if a virgin man gets in the clutches of a shameless desperate vile woman. She will never herself confess of her sluttish past but folks ! such things seldom remain hidden – the husband surely comes to know of her past and thus begin the constant tiff. He cannot throw her out because the first thing that such females do is become pregnant soon after marriage so that her husband cannot throw her away !!

Children of such parents are below average and poor in character and suffer from inferiority complex. Lead an insecure/wasteful life.

4. Love marriage situation : The rarely seen marriage. Live together under the same roof with love.

Love marriages happen when the male and female have spent enough time with each other – have exchanged their viewpoints, ideas , have seen and met each other’s families – have gone through all the love feelings as shown in movies and read in books. They are happy to marry each other. They may have occasional tiffs but its sorted out soon for they have many fond memories together which keeps the capacity of dousing down petty tiffs !

Children born to such parents are average, above average and even versatile sometimes.

Warning : there is a very thin line which distinguishes between love marriage and lust marriage. Be careful. Lust marriage happens when you are just physically attracted to each other but think of it as love. Lust marriage is the worst kind of marriage giving birth to below average, dull children.

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