Maryada – Decorum or Code of conduct

Maryada – Decorum or Code of conduct

Maryadas created by ‘we, the people’ – for living in this world.

Maryadas are created after several observations- i.e. permutations and combinations of incidents lets us deduce that in order to avoid a mishap, this should be the ‘code of conduct’ or maryada.

We have come a long way – way too long a way – from the time of Early men – slowly and gradually we formed the maryadas, formed social rules and norms to co-exist and survive peacefully.

In order to co-exist peacefully, maryadas were created and those who broke the rules were punished – so that tons of time, energy and effort should not just go wasted because of frivolous activities.

With time certain rules become redundant and can be (should be) given up too.

Because women were the weaker sex (physically weak – i.e. not as physically strong as men) – special rules applied to them – since they needed protection of responsible men.

Humans are born with many a traits and tendencies plus environment is also responsible in carving out a personality.

Vices like lust, greed, jealousy, anger also get developed and because negative or destructive tendencies are easier to imbibe and gives instant gratification, more and more people get attracted to evil tendencies.

Those who are responsible, learned, good, respectable & respectful know the evil tendencies that can prevail and hence make rules and regulations so as to avoid mishaps and keep their kith and kin under proper protection.

Women have always been fragile and a highly attractive entity for men.

The more fragile a thing is the more cautiously it is to be kept or taken care of.

Thus women were generally asked to stay indoors and kept under security and protection of responsible men.

Those who did not adhere to basic rules and norms – faced dire consequences too – because people with evil tendencies are (were) always around to pounce on susceptible victims.

Arrival of Divine Incarnations –

Incarnations descend on earth to mark an epoch in the social evolution of human beings.

Shri Rama and Shri Sita Mata were divine incarnations of Lord Vishnu & Mata Lakshmi.

Shri Sita Mata wanted to show and convey to the womenlore that – if you cross your maryadas (line of protection drawn by the men who have taken your responsibility) – your life will be doomed!

As we can see in Sita Mata’s own life – how she was again exiled from her kingdom after she went back to Ayodhaya.

Life of women has been shown as very precarious always. Honestly speaking it still remains the same for many women – educated or uneducated – with presence of single-click button apps to call for help – doesn’t matter.

And also it is not so that all women were tied under very strict rules and norms – Surpanakha – the sister of demon king Ravana was a pretty independent and adventurous female – loitering alone in deep forests – when she happened to see Shri Rama & his family! So women were freely expressing their sexual desires way back in Dwapar yuga too! Being a married woman and a mother as well – she still desired to ‘make a relationship’ with Shri Rama! So when were women suppressed or oppressed? Both men & women were equally suppressed and oppressed in fact!

So folks, do not take the names of divine incarnations so frivolously without knowing anything about the bigger picture.

The wrath of the divine realms can be terrible …too terrible for words.


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