Meher should also be introduced in Hindu Vivahs!

At least for the lower (BPL), lower middle class & middle class family women this ‘Meher’ system should definitely be adopted. Often is has been seen that husbands leave their wives for reasons like:

  1. Some other woman
  2. Escaping responsibilities – wear a saffron robe with a red spot on forehead and gallivant around!
  3. Spend money on more enjoyable things (as understood by world around) like boozing and womanising etc.

Such males happily impregnate their wives – some 3-6 times and when responsibilities grow – ie. getting food on the plates of 7 family members, he escapes!

The entire responsibility falls on the fragile shoulders of the woman – made a mother by a loser – and then begins her life full of traumas and turmoil!


Where have you got this idea from?

When my mother became bed-ridden for 5 long years, we took the help of Aayahs who came from Aayah Center. They used to tell us stories of their tough life. Most of the ladies we kept had more or less the same story – hubby ran away, hubby got drunk and beat them, hubby tried to kill because she refused to give him money for booze, hubby married thrice, four times…five times….! But being a mother, she could not leave her children on the streets to beg. So she worked, got exploited…and much more so that she could feed her children. Not only feed but even sent them to school and got them married when they came of age – all single-handedly!

So when everything fell in place – children got educated and married..then what is your effing problem?

Beg your pardon!? Oh! Well the man should also be responsible for his children! Why should the poor woman go through a life full of difficulties? We are humans you see – supposedly rational animals – unlike the pride of lions where the lioness is seen doing just everything for the cubs – teaching them to hunt and getting them food….

Ok, we understand lower and lower-middle class…but why middle class – they must be educated and should be knowing that they are eligible for alimony.

Hahaha! Breaking news for you Sir! Indian middle class males are basically miserly – they can never even imagine in their wildest dreams that they will pay someone something for no returns – for after divorce the wife is neither sleeping with him nor cooking for him…why on earth would he shell out money for her…or the children born to her through him – he wants to be totally free – no strings attached – so that he can happily marry elsewhere and settle down with new wife and kid!

I also happen to know highly educated ladies who just had to let go of alimony just to get a quick separation from the ‘LOSER’ who was basically setting a bad example for the child (or children).

You need to fight the case till the end. Alimony is her RIGHT – she should have fought till the end!

Not all women keep the ‘fighting spirit’ – it is rather irritating to visit the court every month and fight like cats and dogs for the money that she knows her husband is incapable of giving – either he does not have the calibre to give (drawing measly salary) or he wants to spend it on the next woman who will entertain him on bed! Women seldom want to fight such cases and make a buffoon of the entire family!

So how will ‘Meher’ help?

At least the lady will have some property or asset that can help her raise her children. If, unfortunately, she has gotten a rotten ‘tomato’ as her husband – does not mean that the rest of her life should also rot ……bringing up children and settling them up!

She can also re-marry. No one is stopping her from doing that after divorce.

It is not easy to get a good groom for even an unmarried virgin girl here in India – so getting someone good for someone who is a divorcee with children is extremely difficult. And honestly, living and bearing children of a ‘loser’ kind of man itself is one hell of an ordeal – hardly would anyone want to go through the entire process of knowing and settling with another person….who might turn out to be a different kind of a loser!! A risky and dicey situation!


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