Modern age Gurus have destroyed the very essence of spirituality!

Modern age Gurus have destroyed the very essence of spirituality!

Modern age Gurus are playing havoc and have reduced the essence of spirituality in a mere money generating business.

This is really a bitter truth and sad reality . We human beings are very strange, we worship God, do all types of karma kand not to please God in real sense but we use it as a medium to fulfill our desires .

Conditionings are so deep rooted that we are glued to it somehow. Rationality governs our mind. So we keep looking for proof and miracles.

Religion, now a days has been reduced to a business. Most of the care takers of temple are corrupt to the core . They have nothing to do with the spirituality. Real hypocrites in disguise.

Most of us are just opposite of what we portray, hiding under the heavy mask of hypocrisy ,arrogance and jealousy .
The moment the realization of ‘Me ‘ dawns upon us, our whole life revolves around in pampering and satisfying this so called “egoistic jerk “.

God has been reduced to beautiful idols in temples for fulfilling wishes .That’s it .

Human beings have no desire for God but fulfillment of desires through God .

No love for God but self love . No devotion, No Bhakti –  just plain rituals .

Almost every incarnation of divine had been left alone, tortured, criticized or killed because of the foolishness of the human beings .They believe in following the crowd, when it comes to selfish motives or violence or negativeness but when divine wants to engulf it’s children in its positive rays of golden sunshine then he stands alone with a handful of people .

This is due to the ignorance ..

Realization of our own powers with in can ignite the bright lamp making us a spirit in true sense .

We appear and disappear on this planet and this cycle continues for ages . What is its significance? How many times we want to play this game of life somewhere we have to stop and live an eternal life in the kingdom of God .

This is the last judgement, one last opportunity for all of us.

The whole universe is with us, we just have to connect with it everyday . Deities and divine powers are with us ,we just need to surrender.

Primordial Mother, Queen of the universe incarnated for the emancipation of humanity .

We were close buds. She nurtured us with her love and care and we blossomed into beautiful fragrant flowers .
Let’s not wilt and die
Before saying a final Good bye
Let’s bloom forever in the beautiful garden of Sahaja Yoga ….
Let’s make this whole world bask in the beauty of Nirmal love .
Let’s unmask to enjoy the bliss from above
Let’s make every nook and corner of the world
Nirmal Dhaam…a house of divine .
so pure , so joyous and pristine …

Jai Shree Mataji

Sonia Bhayana
Sahaja Yogini |

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