Mr. Gana Shah – The Vice Chancellor – Episode 1

Mr. Gana Shah – The Vice Chancellor

The ‘Shiny Seven Wheels School’ was not known to many but was the best in the world, rather in the Universe! As and when people came to know about its greatness, thousands tried to get an entry into it but hardly 1 or 2 passed to reach till the seventh grade. Maximum could not even cross over the 1st grade and people wondered why!

Soon it became more and more famous! As people heard about it, they all thought it to be rather easy and wondered why it was so difficult to pass even the 1st grade. Soon people came to know of an inside news  – they came to know about the Vice Chancellor of the School – Mr. Gana Shah!

On the outside his appearance was rather cheerful and chubby! Was known to be a foodie and was very fond of good, sweet and sublime fragrance. People tried to make him happy and win his favours by presenting him fragrant flowers, decoration objects made of terracotta – he liked things made of earth element, jewellery made of blood red coral stones and of course sweet meats! All that was fine, he was amused by their ways to please him but when it came to get promotion – promotion to the 2nd Shiny Grade, he was very strict. Very prudent.

His Exam Paper from 1st grade to 2nd grade seemed rather simple! Only had 4 level Personality tests –

1. How innocent was the candidate?

2. How wisely did he handle situations?

3. How devoted was he towards his duties, responsibilities – in case he was a Karm Yogi – or how devoted was he to his chosen deity.

4.How pure was he in his dealings with the outside world and the inside world?


1st Level : Test of Innocence :

Many mistook naivety with innocence!

Many mistook ignorance with innocence!

They failed there. A childlike innocence is not the same as being ignorant or being naïve! Thousands failed at this level!

Simply put – innocent meant::

guiltless, guilt-free, not guilty, blameless, not to blame, in the clear, unimpeachable, irreproachable, above suspicion, beyond criticism, without fault, faultless;

All the above to be present in your dealings with the world outside and the world inside – meaning with your own self!

 2nd Level – Test of Wisdom

How wisely does the candidate handle situations? – is he wise enough to keep his innocence intact and remain blemish-free?


3rd Level – Test of devotion

How devoted is he towards his given responsibility? Is he able to fulfill his devotion towards his work (work is worship remember) wisely and faultlessly? Does he resort to conniving ways to show or prove his devotion? If he does, he fails at this level!

4th Level – The purity test

Does he maintain purity of thoughts, words and deeds? How pure are his desires?

All the mentioned levels could be tested simultaneously or individually – all depended on the VC – Mr. Gana Shah! Actually the VC had access to all the previous records of the candidate and he knew all about his strengths and weaknesses – the test was only to see whether the candidate has gotten over his weaknesses and ready to move forward! For as one moved forward, he was given more powers and responsibilities…so if the base was not strong enough, the entire system could collapse if some weakling was given a position by even the slightest mistake. There was no room for mistake in Mr. Gana Shah’s office! Never – not even the slightest!


To be continued……

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