Myth – Poverty leads a woman towards whoredom!

Myth –

Women take to ‘cheap, derogatory, sassy, skin-exposing ’ profession due to poverty.

Since our childhood, from the films we understood (or made to understand), that a female takes to ‘*cheap’ jobs because of dire poverty.

Other reasons shown were:

  • Some family member or relative or lover is held captive by the villain. (Eg. Jab tak hai jaan, jaanejahan, mai nachungi (lover captive)| Babul Pyaare (father captive)
  • The female has to earn for the rest of the family members that may include 12-20 brothers and sisters – like parents went berserk in the ‘coitus’ process!(Aaina – yesteryear Mumtaz)
  • Female is a spy and trying to expose the goon.(Tu cheese badi hai mast mast)

Any female who did the same (i.e. wearing revealing cheap outfits & sleeping around, entertaining villains) without a solid reason as written above was considered a vamp – who was just a filler who was looked down upon. (Mona darling, Helen, Bindu, Aruna Irani roles (kya gazab karte ho ji- Love Story – seducing a young boy half her age!)

Basically if we see the state of a person in dire poverty, under-fed and famished, who does not take a bath nor does she brush her teeth, uncouth & unkempt – do you think males would shell out money for some such under-nourished thin woman?…Such women will attract males belonging to their category – who’d probably agree to give Rs.5/- (as in year 2015)..that too after much haggling! So those who are poverty stricken remain poor..and undernourished!


*cheap jobs: Jobs where a female has to part with her modesty and agree to sleep with males other than her husband. Includes entertaining males by dancing or strip teasing etc.


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