Name of the Game App: Spread Universal Love

Name of the Game App: Spread Universal Love

Eligibility – Anyone can play this game – there is no age/ caste/gender/religion bar.


I.Visit, find the nearest location of a sub-center that is close to your house or office. Call them up or email them to find out when they have their weekly meeting for seekers of the divine. Read about Kundalini Awakening and testimonials of people regarding Sahaja Yoga. If you are not impressed and are not convinced – QUIT the game here.

II.Visit the sub-center teaching Sahaja yoga. Get introduced to Sahaja Yoga. On the very first day, some Sahaja Yogies will work on your ‘subtle body’ – give you ‘self-realization’ . Most people feel tingling sensations/ warm or cool breeze out of the fontanelle bone area or maybe feel cool on the left side but nothing on the right or vice versa. It totally depends on your *spiritual status. Some people feel tremendous vibrations on day one itself others may feel nothing. DO NOT WORRY. Your subtle body cleansing has begun.

III.Get the photograph of Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi – given to you at the center framed in glass and wooden frame. Please avoid plastic as it hinders the flow of vibrations. You will be given a Beginner’s Guide.

IV.Buy yourself a small tub , a mug, a small towel and keep them aside. These are to be used only for the cleansing process as taught to you by Sahaja Yoga. This is a process called Foot Soaking. Buy rough & un-refined common salt for Foot Soaking. Buy Candle or oil lamp that you can light using ghee or oil.

V.Visit the sub-center again. They will tell you details of foot-soaking. It is a 10 mins procedure where you immerse your feet in the salt mixed water and pray the divine elements – water, fire, earth, ether & sky to cleanse you completely and make you an instrument of the divine – make you YOUR ORIGINAL SELF i.e.

Strands of kundalini shakti rise and travels through the center channel (Sushumna nadi) and emerges out of the fontanelle bone area. This is what we have to strive for – to meditate dedicatedly so that Mother Kundalini takes the central path.

VI. Three  Maha-mantras will be given to you. Try to by-heart it.

VII.To establish yourself firmly in the divine realm, by-heart Shri Ganesh Arthavashirsha.

VIII.Maintain a dairy. Jot down your sensations.  In the next week, when you again go for the collective Satsang, tell the senior Sahaja Yogies about your feelings and sensations. They will give you the right advise and many other cleansing procedures and techniques (eg. Curing Imbalances,  String Knotting & Burning) so that you can establish your divinity firmly. Remember, the most important sensation is the feeling of ‘Cool Breeze’ on top of your fontanel bone area. DO NOT MAKE A RITUAL OF THE CLEANSING TECHNIQUES.

IX.Once you start feeling the vibrations and are confirmed about the authenticity of Sahaja Yoga, join forums, whatsapp groups and read Shree Mataji’s lectures on various topics to your soul’s content.

X.Congratulations! Get ready to jump up to the next level of Human Evolution – the 4th Dimension – the Turiya State.


If you are a genuine spiritual seeker, the world will actually become a bed of roses for you BUT in spite of feeling and understanding and experiencing the LIVE_DIVINE_ENERY and knowing very well that you are under the vigilance of the divine realms – Divine Deities, Ganas and Angels – you continue with your vile worldly nature – half heartedly participating in Sahaja Yoga events but keeping an eye to dupe/ cheat/mock other fellow Sahajees….then you will be doomed for eons…not just in this life but afterlife and life ever after- be rest assured of that. So don’t play the fool with GOD…esp. when you know about His immense powers.

Disclaimer:: So if you think you cannot do without being a cheat and a liar and a fraud and you draw a lot of pleasure in perverse activities, please stay away from this game – this game is certainly not for you!

*spiritual status :: Depends on the karmas of an individual. In Sahaja Yoga, your financial status or professional designation does not matter at all – you may belong to any caste, creed, culture, tradition, religion, country – it does not matter – because work is done on your soul, on your spirit and based on your karmas, you get your enlightenment. Also based on your dedication and faith on the divine.

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