Narayani Sena – Destined for worse than the worst luck!!

Narayani Sena – Destined for worse than the worst luck!!

A very famous episode of Mahabharata – While Shri Krishna was asleep in his palace, Duruyodhana came & waited for him to wake up (at least the fool had this much courtesy to wait for the lord to awaken!). He stood by his head. Soon Arjuna came in too – a little later and stood beside Lord’s feet. When Shri Krishna opened hi eyes, he saw Arjuna first him & asked him why he had come. Immediately Duruyodhana prompted that he had arrived earlier and he should be listened to first.

Shri Krisha said that since he saw Arjuna first, so Arjuna will get the opportunity to speak to him first. Shri Krishna then came to know that both had arrived to ask him for his help in the forthcoming war – The Dharma Yudh at Kurukshetra. He then added that since both were related to him, so one can have his entire army – the Narayani Sena, and the other can have him alone – but he will not fight – just be the charioteer.

Duruyodhana was perturbed and he thought that Arjuna will obviously take away his army and he will be left with an unarmed Shri Krishna! But he was taken aback and immensely amused when Arjuna said ‘Lord, I just want you by my side’ !

Duruyodhana left feeling victorious. Arjuna stayed with the eternal winner!

But what I want to discuss here is – the bad luck of Narayani Sena!

So what we see here is – in spite of being under the tutelage, payroll & leadership of Shri Krishna, the Narayani Sena had to fight against Him!!

  • Why did he so easily part with His Army?
  • Was it because He saw and studied them well?
  • Were they so incompetent that the Lord of the Universe just gave them away to the opposition party without much hesitation?!

Of course He must have known them well – they were under Him after all…yet at the moment when they had to support their master, the master gave them up!

And guess what? The Lord gave them all an opportunity to come back to Him too. While the war was about to begin, Shri Krishna had made one final announcement facing the Kuru Army – He clearly said – Those who feel that they are fighting against us against their will can come to the Pandavas side of the army. Only one person came to His side. So out of an approx. 10,000 soldiers who served Lord Krishna, only one had the brains to come to His side – (in fact whether the person who came to His side even belonged to His army is not really known to me!)

So folks, what do we conclude from this episode?

  • That God alone is enough – more than enough!
  • That humans beings are average or below average brained – the Narayani Sena clearly thought that Pandavas will lose the war so it is better to be by the side of winners!
  • They probably calculated mentally – figures and mathematics you see – that Kauravas have several kingdoms supporting them – who can stop the Kauravs from winning!

So in spite of having Shri Krishna as their master for so many years, they decided to stick to Kauravs – thankless, brainless!

Were they unaware of HIS might?

  • At the tender age of 14, Shri Krishna had killed his maternal uncle Kamsa – it was well known to the people around.
  • The fact that Kamsa was sending one demon after the other – Putna, Bakasur etc. to get the infant of Vrindavan killed, was also known to all his subjects.
  • You see the Akashvaani was heard by all – and they all knew the kind of tyrannical brute that Kamsa was…killing infants as soon as they were born – yet he was killed by Shri Krishna!

What I am trying to tell you is this that – because there were no social networks or TV to show and talk about the escapades of Shri Krishna – does not mean that His divine adventures were not known to people around… the Narayani Sena was well aware of His divine powers & miracles….. yet they did not believe Him – they depended more on their intellect and logical deductions!!

Introspect on the above people. The Gods seem tougher than the toughest high end corporate organization and their HR strategies!!

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