On Wife Beating – A Satyamev Jayate Episode

I was watching this episode…could not watch the entire show but here are my 2 cents on this topic.

The show was implying that it is the inherent quality of a male to beat his wife – because since eons the male- as husband –  is referred to as ‘Swami’ so the wife automatically becomes the servant and it is but natural to beat up the servant if he/she is not doing the chores allotted to him/her on time or properly.

Also the fact that the ‘lower’ servant/ labor class females raise their voice even before her husband lifts his hand to beat her up (although in spite of that they get beaten black and blue) but the poor educated middle class family females quietly gulp down the insult of getting beaten because of society … and also the fact that the neighborhood will just take her story as an entertainment episode and get sheer sadistic pleasure about the fact that Female A of Flat X gets beaten by her husband for whatever reason!…Such rumors in turn get spread like wild fire and soon comes in the ears of children…they start having a traumatic childhood….grow up to become drug addicts….are unable to face the world with confidence (with a wife-beater as father and a daily-beaten ‘lachaar’ woman as mother)…complete pandemonium and blah blah!

Another point that was discussed was that the husband takes out his frustration of an entire day’s work by beating up his wife ! Like he feels tired…and in order to get rid of his tiredness, he beats up his wife! Now that is really a strange syndrome in men I must say. It was also added that the wife also works all day long – looking after the household, cooking, running after the children etc. (it really made me wonder how then the working housewives manage all this – truly versatile creatures I must say!) – in fact work more number of hours than the man….like she gets up early and goes to sleep last…so a comparison is made between the man and wife – who should be more tired! – well the people who were discussing this must be all very rich and well to do whose husbands must be having a chauffeur driven car at their disposal…..otherwise if they had known what is it like to run after busses and trains in order to reach office on time and listen to the abuses of the bosses and taking the pressure of meeting deadlines or else lose your job…..then such a dumb comparison would not have been made! A housewife is taking her own sweet time to do the household chores, she does not have to report to anyone (unless of course if she has some cunning Mother-in-law on top of her), she is usually the boss in her own house and definitely she does not have the fear of losing her wifehood if she fails to cook good food one day!

Well as far as frustration is concerned….it can creep in through many other crevices….one such crevice that I know of (yes! dear reader – I know I am going to sound like a broken record – but here it comes) is the ‘raised expectations’ regarding the female gender! Males grow up watching the shameless Item girls of debauch, greedy parents and kind of form an opinion about what a female wants..and what all she will be ready to do in order to please her MAN!….like films show that a female just requires a slight eye contact and she undresses in a fraction of a mili-second and starts behaving horny etc. etc – but this does not happen in real life……nothing even close to it also……so this maybe one of the reasons of male frustration – you see ‘ Expectation reduces joy’…..they had been expecting a sassy ‘beep’ but a sober educated female (chosen by parents) fall on their laps – who they have to feed for the rest of their lives…probably a reason for great frustration…..thus wife-beating becomes a routine (for some men only not all of course) – as daily the male is reminded of his shattered dreams…..

Lets discuss whether a wife can be beaten at all or not……


Qs. Should wives be beaten at all?

Ans: A wife can be…should better  be beaten if she is a Desperate Housewife. Though if the husband is a really decent & cultured man – he should just divorce her and not create unnecessary scene.

Qs. Define Desperate Housewife.

Ans. A sex maniac kind of a female who invites males of all caste, creed, age group to have sex with in absence of her husband. Such sex-starved females should register their names in some local Red light area and get paid for their sex services and be known as a prostitute. When such females become wives, the trouble starts from that point – not only for her own self but also for the entire community/ neighborhood she co-exists with.

Qs. But how will it affect the neighborhood?

Ans. If you read the 1st answer properly then this dumb question would not have arisen. Anyways, when I said ‘she invites males’ – it did not mean that she emails to foreign countries and invites foreigners to ‘sleep & beep’ with her – but she invites the males of her locality – it’s easier for her you see – so a single desperate housewife can ruin at least 20-30 households in her neighborhood. Like in one episode of ‘Satyamev Jayate’ discussions were held on CSA (child sex abuse) but these children grow up also and then they themselves become inquisitive about their ‘private parts’…. and such desperate housewives initiate them…. and ruin them for the rest of their lives…… being exposed to ‘desperate housewives’ at such a susceptible age, males start disrespecting females….. and ultimately they turn into wife-beaters… out of suspicion..or whatever reason. It’s a highly complex issue…a single discussion will not end this.

Qs. Last question, so if the husband is ‘sleeping around’ should the wife beat him up too?

Ans.  Since females are the physically weaker sex, she might not be able to really hurt by beating her ‘debauch’ husband. She should apply for divorce and not copulate with him to bring forth his ‘diseased’ genetic makeup to further burden our Mother Earth.

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