Hail Indian Packaging Industry!

Do you think India should invest some good money in the packaging Industry so as to purchase sophisticated packaging machines?

I remember I was pretty happy & content with the original toffee wraps – the simple ones – you twist and turn and lo behold! the toffee is in your mouth. Then the struggle started with the hajmola toffee packs – in my life ie. – by the time I could open the ‘NEW Improved Pillow pack’ – as they call it – all my enthusiasm to have the toffee was gone…evaporated in thin air – like it’s just a simple toffee – why are we made to struggle so much for it to reach the mouth!? In the mean time some cousins from abroad brought toffees/ chocolates – same pillow pack ones …. and they opened in a jiffy….which means the original idea behind the pillow pack was quite Nobel after all!


Now we struggle with ketchup packs in fast food centers! Are we expected to loiter around with scissors!!? This is a request from the Indian packaging industry – please use advanced machinery to make them ..or else let us relax and be at peace with ourselves…or maybe stack plastic scissors with the pack..whatever!

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