Parents and friends can never be alike

Parents and friends can never be alike

Parents cannot witness their own ‘flesh and blood’ – their ‘Love’ object – drown in some misery

Friends may sympathize and spend time with you during your ‘sad’ moments

Parents will feel the pain that you go through – every moment of it.

Thus Parents set rules for you – they have come on Planet Earth before you – They know THINGS

And they would never want any such incident to occur in your life that will leave you devastated forever!

Always try to maintain a congenial relationship with your parents

Remember, they are the only source of pure, unadulterated, selfless love

That no one else is capable of giving you.

(For parents:: Spend quality time with your children – mix with them as friends – do not expect them to have the same reaction to a particular event as you had during your youth! Times change, technologies change… will reactions & emotion triggers change. Remember, they have more permutations and combinations of human relations/ events/ incidents to learn and refer from than you had. Accept positive change gracefully)


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