Past Life Therapy (PLT) OR Past Life Regression (PLR)

Past Life Therapy (PLT) OR Past Life Regression (PLR)

Past Life Therapy (PLT) or PLR aims to resolve any unconscious, survival-based scripts that could be negatively affecting one’s present health, behaviors, or quality of life. PLT can allow for a more thorough resolution since it gives the mind permission to locate past life sources affecting present day challenges or obstacles. PLT can uncover patterns and unconscious dialogue from many lifetimes of trauma or confusion associated with an event; individuals often re-create similar experiences unconsciously as an attempt to complete or heal an unresolved past life experience. One needs to understand that reincarnation happens to justify PLT or PLR.

So folks, I have read many books / novels on reincarnation, seen many movies on reincarnation like Mehebooba and Kudrat (Rajesh Khanna and Hema Malini), Karan – Arjun (Shah Rukh and Salman). You all must have seen it too. I am now going to make you understand this theory of past lives in a very simple manner.

Lets understand it this way.

Imagine Shah Rukh being an individual spirit. He took 3 births one after the other. His story in each life can be equated to the following 3 films :

1.Kal ho na ho – First Life

2. Veer Zara – Second Life

3. Kabhi Alvida na Keneha – Third Life

In his First life, Shah Rukh meets Preity when he is about to die of cancer. He develops a major crush for her but alas has to die without her. While dying, his last thoughts were of her ! ..and it is said by Lord Krishna in the Bhagvad Geeta that whatever one is thinking of while about to die – verily he comes in his next birth to either look for it or by actually becoming it !!

Thus in his second life Shah Rukh comes again and meets Priety – as Veer and Zara ! They were not to meet – some divine plan maybe – maybe they were not made for each other after all – but the grand illusion that humans suffer from , Veer continues to love Zara in the prison cell for 22 long years and Zara leads a life of a Spinster and lets go of her prime youth – she spends her life thinking of her ‘dead’ (not dead actually) lover !!Another character gets introduced in this life – Rani Mukherjee – the saviour.She is the one who releases Veer out of his prison cell and makes the lovers meet !!

Now in the third life Shah Rukh meets Priety and marries her. For the last two lives, their planetary make up was stopping them to make this blunder. But this time they get married and even bring forth a by-product – a baby boy.

But the 3 rd character he had met in his 2 nd life – his Saviour Rani Mukherjee also comes in this time. And we all know that Saviour are the greatest people – like Lord Jesus Christ – our Saviour – the most popular Individual in the History of Earth – how long was he allowed to work by the complete brutes and blokes – only 4 years – but He is worshipped world wide – He comes even before parents or lover – because he is God – the saviour who releases us from our individual prison cells !Thus in his 3 rd life story KANK, Shah Rukh leaves his illusion (Priety) from his 2 past lives and merges with His saviour of last life !!

Points to ponder :

  1. Past lives and reincarnation happens . Otherwise what is the logic behind one baby being born in a Palace and another in some slum area? This is called Karma phal – if you have wronged – you gotta suffer. There is no way out. It is this fear that keeps people from sinning – otherwise dear youths – everyone would have been killing, raping, molesting and dying !! There wouldn’t have been any family ties and no festivals and get togethers to celebrate – just kill each other and make merry – something of this sort happened when Sir Moses went to bring the Ten Commandments slabs after helping the poor laborers escape their tyrannical ruler by dividing the Red Sea – in spite of performing such a great miracle in front of them – they disbelieved Him and they started copying what they saw their rulers do when they were their servants ! Drink, womanize and make merry ! In fact it is even said that Sir Moses would have taken them all to the Kingdom of God but because of their lust and demonical tendencies – the journey to the Promised Land got delayed…..all because of a couple of complete fools and debauch mongrels !!
  2. Do not waste your life in some kind of an illusion or distant dream – like some beautiful Princess is waiting for you in a castle or some Knight in the shining Armour is about to come and woo you off your feet ! Love a person who has had a similar upbringing and status as yours – anything other than this usually brings in a whole lot of compromising and stuff like that which makes your life a living Hell ! You cannot act all the time – can you? Compromising is equal to acting or putting up an act to maintain peace – WHY? Home is a place to relax – after working the whole day – when its time to relax you find yourself acting !? Goodness gracious me – talk frankly with your lover or fiancé and tell him / her of your likes and dislikes – do not hide anything – its not worth it in the long run – compromising is not worth it in the long run….can’t you all see how our ancestors suffered because of excessive compromising? Do you want History to repeat itself? Do you want a frustrated, pervert, suicidal forthcoming generation? If not, please wake up before its too late – Be responsible . Become a Man. You are born as a male – its only the sense of responsibility & discipline that turns you into a Man . Change from just being a ‘male’ to a complete Man. Similarly for Women – you are born as females – become a Woman . Your sensuality is only to be exposed to your husband. That’s all – be not an object of ‘lust’ – do not be just an ‘object’ all your life – Human birth is very precious and the greatest work that a woman does is ‘create’ – give birth to a new life – Motherhood. Be a responsible Mother. Before bringing in a new life on Earth – cleanse the World – its your ‘Love-Object’ that is arriving – let it grow surrounded with love and care. Help men – your counterparts – to achieve peace and let ‘Love’ win.
  3. Riligious Desigantions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian does not touch the ‘Spirit’ – Youths ! please come out of this stupidity called ‘branding’ ! We have had enough I think.

How come Zeenat Aman – a Muslim woman was shown worshipping Shiva-linga in a wet saree – her voluptuous body seen from all angles – in a movie titled as Satyan Shivam Sundaram?! What happened to our old, haggard, supposedly highly religious ancestors? How come no one boycotted the movie? Conclusion : a sexy female can get away with anything !? Most Hindus worshipped a muslim woman …day and night ….during those days – on the release of the movie.

How come Shah Rukh – a Muslim man is admired by so many Hindus? Maximum Hindu girls think of him as a Model Husband material !! So whatever happened to chastity and loyalty to Hinduism and Sikhism?! Huh? – Folks – lets get out of this foolish religious fights and tiffs and work together to bring peace and balance to our Country. Educate the mass. Educate Women. Eradicate Immorality. Eliminate Poverty. That’s It.

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