Why do I not practice Reiki anymore?

Why I do not practice Reiki anymore.

I learnt Reiki – both level I and II way back in 2001. Yes, couple of miracles were also witnessed by me. One was the fact that the road in front of our house was all broken and the local municipal body had been postponing our area for a very long time – almost 12 years..or even more!

I tried to test Reiki…yeah! Scientific brain folks – we tend to scrutinize everything under the microscope! In 7 to 10 days, suddenly we saw a truck full of stone chips being dropped in front of our alley! The road making was sanctioned finally!

Another miracle that happened was while I was a Career Advisor in CMC Ltd. Salt Lake. I was unable to fill in a particular batch – like we can start a session only when a minimum of 10 students take admission. I tried Reiki here. In about 10 days or so, the batch got over crowed – so over crowded that I had to actually make 2 batches!!

Well, so far, so good. Temporary pleasures and feel good factor! A congratulatory shake hand from the boss…big deal! What else was there in it for me – nothing much….nothing that impressed me basically.

Another time I sent healing vibrations to my friend’s child. She asked for it and I gave it too. The next day I called up asking whether her son was feeling better – she said he was! I was happy! But she immediately added that he was given a new high end 4th generation medicine because of which he was better – she did not even thank me for my effort – maybe she completely forgot. So it was quite a thankless job after all! Although later – after 5-6 months, her son again had the same problem and she called me and asked for Reiki treatment. I had stopped practising Reiki altogether. I reminded her of the 4th genre medicine of course…and the topic was over.

So why did I stop Reiki?

A major problem that I had was I often fell asleep during Reiki – which I later read somewhere that it was a dangerous thing to do! You see when we create an invisible bridge between the healer and to-be-healed person, the bridge has to be closed after the healing is sent. But I used to sleep off in the middle – without closing the bridge! Now this is a dangerous thing to do – I open up my system to the system of the other person – so it is quite possible that his/her set of negativities may happily journey into my system! If the ailment is minor, then it’s still ok – but in case of some major illness – I maybe interfering with his or her karmic debts! It is quite possible that the person is suffering due to some past life karma and the set of souls or spirits who are deriving satisfaction by watching him/her suffer may get angry because of my interference! As a result, the angry/ depressed/sad souls full of vengeance may attack me too!! Is it sounding silly? Well folks, it is not silly but a fact!


Moreover the temporary satisfaction was not really giving me any pleasure. I was looking for self-realisation. In Reiki II, we were taught ‘chakra meditation’. So I just felt that I am closer to my goal! Chakra meditation in Reiki is more mental in nature than spiritual. Although I must confess here that when I did the tape-recorder aided meditation on mentally dwelling/ concentrating on chakras one after the other starting from the base chakra – Mooladhara – I did start feeling a throbbing sensation at each chakra position when I took my mind(attention) to the respective chakras!

Anyways, soon I came into Sahaja Yoga and came to know of the importance of bandhan – the protective sheath that we create around ourselves when we sit to meditate.

Also, in Sahaja Yoga, one can heal oneself totally and one can even feel the movement of the Kundalini shakti. And one of the greatest things about Sahaja yoga is the fact that the divine Kundalini shakti heals you at all the levels, heals the soul – meaning all past life problems too and cleanses the spirit totally – making it ready to merge with the divine spirit!

So folks, I eventually found my perennial source of joy & miracles and I suggest that you too can try it out!

All the best.

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