Sahaja Yoga Kriya – The Shoe-beat procedure.

Sharing Shoe-beat procedure..

Shared by Sahaja Brother : Shriniwas Damle

[ PS: I will be sharing Sahaj clearance procedures on this forum, which I had learnt from my (late) father, Anant Damle, who was taught all these techniques by Shree Mataji between 1970-1985. I have seen these procedures working for the past 15 yrs for myself as well as others, 100% of the time & hence sharing them with all of you. Will humbly request you all to try them, if deemed appropriate ]

Important suggestion:
Before you execute any sahaj clearance procedure please make sure that:
a) You have received self-realization
b) You have absolute faith in Shree Mataji
c) You have recognized HER true form apart from HER human illusionary form
d) You are meditating regularly individually & in the collective.

1. Put yourself in Bandhan in front of Shree Mataji`s photograph

2. Look out for a place in the back-yard of your house OR patio (balcony) to execute shoe-beat procedure ( Don`t do shoe-beat in front of MOTHER`s photograph)

3.Write the xyz problem on the floor/ground with your right hand fingers. It may be a negativity causing personal problem / a collective problem OR your own ego/super-ego.

4. Encircle the area on the floor with 7 clock-wise parabolic (Not circular, as vibrations always propagate in Parabolic fashion) bandhans

5. Say the mantra for Shree Maha-Laxmi, Shree Maha-Saraswati, Shree Maha-Kali, Shree Ganehsa-Gouri & Shree Jesus Mary ( you may include all these names in a single mantra )

6.Take your left shoe in your right hand & then shoe beat the problem with the heel of the left shoe 21 times.

7. Repeat steps 4) & 6) above 2 more times saying the mantra for

(2nd round)– Shree Hanumana, Shree Maha-Kali, Shree Bhairava, Shree Durga

(3rd round)–Shree Jagadamba, (Shree) Mahishasur-Mardini, Shree Eka-Dasha Rudra

( You may swap 2nd & 3rd round mantras above)

All the above mantras are the negativity destroying mantras & hence they are chanted during shoe-beat.

8. Always keep your attention on Sahasrara during the whole process of shoe-beating

9. After completing the process, waive your hand in the air above the area of shoe-beat & draw a Swastika & a Cross saying the mantra for Shree Ganesha-Gouri & Shree Jesus-Mary respectively.

The whole process doesn’t take more than 5 mins.

You might find some variations in this procedure, as executed in the collective, but this is what works with me 100% of the time & hence I`m sharing it with you.

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Shared by Sahaja Brother : Shriniwas Damle

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