What do you do when a seeker approaches you? A Sahaja Yoga Article.

What do you do when a seeker approaches you?

– A Sahaja Yoga Article.

Jai Shree Mataji dear Sahajees! (and Hello to others!)

What I am about to discuss is a rather sensitive issue. But I request you all to read this article with an open mind and come out with ways to effectively spread this divine knowledge worldwide.

I will cite couple of examples here – on how I sent my friends and acquaintances to different sahaja yoga centers and how were they treated. I will not write the name of the locality because I do not want to corner some particular person or sub-center head and be mean to him or her – just that how seekers go wasted because of callous treatment of immature sahaja yogis.

Sahaja Initiation Incidents::

Area I : I sent a friend here – in fact 2 of my friends – both went on different occasions and they do not even know each other. Both had the same report! They approached the sahaja yogi and instead of talking about sahaja Yoga or kundalini awakening, the person was more interested in telling about his escapades to some foreign location he had visited once upon a time!!

Now what was that? When a seeker approaches a sahaja yogi, he or she is supposed to talk about Sahaja yoga and not discuss his personal life!! A person who visits a house with the intention of knowing about meditation will certainly be taken aback up on listening to some person blabbering about his foreign adventures!!

Result – Poor experience of the seeker. Failure of spreading sahaja yoga effectively!

Area II : Another friend of mine was interested in meditation. I found out the address of a sub-center near her house. She went to the house with her mother. The wife of the sahaja yogi opened the door and led them to a room where weekly collectivity was conducted. She asked them to sit down. No one else was there in the room. I had told them about the day of the week when the collectivity is held. So they were expecting more people but to their surprise no one was there. They sat quietly in the room for more than half an hour – during summers – but the lady of the house did not even put on the fan! So basically they were wiping their perspiration and somehow managing to sit in the room.

The lady then came in after almost 45 minutes – only to tell them that no collectivity would be held that day because her husband – who conducts the meditation – had gone to the city for some puja at the main center!

What was that huh?!

– This revelation she could have made to them as soon as they rang the door bell!

– She need not have made them wait in a room – without even putting on the fan! Ok, it is understandable that Bengalies are generally poor people and they are always on the look out for saving money on electricity bills – then she could have avoided to call them in and give them such a sick experience!

-It is highly recommended that in order to open up a Sahaja sub-center, all the members of the family should be practicing Sahaja yoga. The wife was not a sahaja yogi – for if she had been, she would have surely initiated the 2 ladies. If the sahaja yogi is unable to convince his/her own kith and kin regarding sahaja yoga, would it not be so contradictory of him/her to open a sub-center at his residence – only to be belittled by his own kith and kin as well as the neighbourhood?!

Area III: I had befriended a person on Facebook and he wanted to know more about sahaja yoga. I gave him the address of a center close to his residence. He went there and listen to his story!

He called me and said that the person whose address I had given him was an aged man. He made him sit in his living room and then asked him why was he trying to come to spiritual life so soon!! This happened around 2008 – this guy was 38 years old and the senior sahaja yogi recommended him to enjoy his youth and not to bother about such spiritual things so early in life!! So my friend left the house!

Now I really don’t know whether my friend spoke to a sahaja yogi or just someone else who was probably a non-sahaja yogi who happened to be there when he visited! I can’t believe that a sahajee would say some such thing when we all know very well how children who are just 5 or 6 years old can actually and accurately tell about which chakra is catching and how to heal it!

What is giving a sahajee the right to recommend a seeker to enjoy his youth?! He had approached him to talk about Sahaja yoga – all that a Sahaja yogi is supposed to do when asked about Sahaja Yoga is to tell all about it. Period.

Recommendation – Please do not apply your brains or mental capacities to judge a human on the basis of his / her appearance or age! Here we are doing everything to reach the divine knowledge of Sahaja yoga far and wide and somewhere else couple of half-baked sahajees are ruining all our efforts!

Area IV:

This happened in Nagpur, Maharashtra. I sent my cousin brother to approach a sahaja yoga center. He went there and he was told that they conduct the meditation in Hindi only once a month and the rest of the other days, they conduct in Marathi! Really!? Is Hindi so difficult a language…in a place where Hindi cinema & Bollywood rules? All that was to be done was ask one of the sahaja yogies to give him his realization, tell him about chakras and give him Mother’s picture – followed by foot soaking procedure. Was this much – too much?!


Seekers are very precious people, they are seeking God. Only about a wee bit percentage of humans residing on planet earth are truly seeking the divine. Do not let them go wasted. Please change your approach towards treating fellow human beings and seekers with respect, love and lots of care!


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