If there is a light, it can blacken as well as enlighten!

It’s only the Sahaja Yogis who can blacken or enlighten the Name of God Almighty.

Now listen to me very carefully, if there is no light out of the lamp, it does not blacken nor enlighten. But if there is a light it can blacken as well as enlighten.

It’s only the Sahaja Yogis who can blacken or enlighten the Name of God Almighty.

Say, for example, if you have a fake man, he doesn’t blacken the Name of God because he is himself black, so nobody’s bothered about that. If there is a person who is teaching about God or talking about God, about religion and making money out of it, he blackens his own name. He does not blacken the Name of God Almighty. The Name of God, cannot be blackened, It’s ever shining.

But it’s only a Sahaja yogi which can form that cloud to cover It.

They can only finish the hope of this world.

They can only bring the real destruction of this world. They will be held responsible.

And they should be punished in time, so that the Name of God should not be ruined.

For they have been given the right to enter into the Kingdom of God, others are outside.

They are the only ones who can abuse the right. Those who are outside this building cannot spoil it. You have the special privilege to enter into this beautiful building.

You have got this right because of the great things you have done in previous lives.

And if you now want to spoil it, you’d better understand that you will be very severely punished.

The light which can enlighten can also burn. But this light will burn all those who try to burn the Kingdom of God. So on a Diwali day let us know that we should have the lamps, burnt in such a way that it has purest of pure love in it.

Not a lip service, lip service of love, but from your heart, it should pour, like the Nature pours all its blessings upon you.

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Talk on Diwali, Tivoli, Italy 1985. (1985-1117 | 23:25  to 29:22 minutes)

1985-1117 Diwali Puja Talk, Tivoli, Italy from Nirmala Vidya on Vimeo.

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