Sesh Anka – Bengali movie review

Sesh Anka bengali movie review

It is a murder mystery. I will not reveal the end…I am not so mean ok!

So there are many things to learn from this film!

Firstly, it is for those people who think that ‘they can do anything they like and no one has the right to interfere’! Or for those people who think that social rules and norms should not exist and everyone should be free to enjoy life in whatever way they like!

Well, one such character is there – the central figure  – a Bizman. Let’s call him the Bizman. So this man had a wife and a daughter. This man had forced his wife to transfer all her belongings – assets and property  that her father gave her – to his name…and like a dumb, subservient woman, she did so as well – just to win his love!! Also because they already had a child – so in order for her daughter to have the protective cover of her father, she was agreeing to all his atrocities. As if this was not enough – her husband, the Bizman started having a ‘live-in’ relationship with a whorish-woman who happened to be his subordinate at office. HE started bringing her home – right in presence of his wife and daughter and happily trotted towards the bedroom! Unable to tolerate such shamelessness, the wife of the Bizman commits suicide – leaving her daughter all alone…to fend for herself – she became a frustrated, suicidal, depressed drug addict!

To add to her miseries, the whore woman – who was her father’s mistress, hired a pauper – who happened to be the daughter’s friend – to supply her with drugs!

Let’s analyse the story line till now::

The Bizman is an alcoholic, womaniser – his choice – no one to interfere – his wife died..what about it?

The Bizman’s daughter – neglected, sad, depressed, suicidal, joins ‘escort service’ for money! – her choice…..or is she forced into all this because of her Beep father??

The mistress woman – she was sleeping around with the Bizman as well as his rival – so that she could be richer!- Her choice? To befool mediocre sex-starved males? Break families? Cause death of a wife? Make a young educated girl become a drug addict and a prostitute?

Please re-read what I wrote above and think about the consequences of ‘not maintaining the most ancient knowledge given to civilization – ‘Thou Shall not have adulterous eyes’!

Story proceeds::

This drug addict daughter of the Bizman has a special friend who is very close to her. Due to some reason, she takes the drugs – lying amply with her friend…but because she was not used to taking drugs, her vision becomes blurred and she meets with an accident – dies on spot! –

A man is known by the company he keeps? – One should be prudent about choosing friends……a drug addict friend…..eventually caused the untimely death of a normal, brainy girl friend! Is that why parents scream and shout at their children when they come to know that they are mixing up with anti-socials….yea – drug addicts are considered as anti-socials…..they are after all encouraging the drug pedlars to flourish – so indirectly they too become anti-socials!

In comes a pauper friend – who is hired by the whorish mistress to continue supplying her (the daughter of Bizman) drugs…plus he introduces her to a criminal who turns young girls into ‘prostitutes’….given them a sophisticated name of course – called ‘escort service’ – but the work profile is the same – to have sex with the customer – of any cast, creed, age, breed!

Eradicate poverty? Poverty anywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere? Any (most)  poverty stricken person, born and brought up in slums will readily agree to do just anything for money – even murder! He was just destroying an already ‘destroyed and broken’ rich girl!

The mistress had another lover by the way! He was younger and more hot-blooded than the old haggard Bizman! Hell only knows when such sleazy aged pigs understand that a young woman will obviously like to have sex with a younger, more virile male! Such brainless as**oles  they are!

Anyways, watch the film – the criminal gets murdered in this film….and people are made to wonder who that would exactly be!


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