Shri Lakshmna’s devotees are still there in India!

There still are many Shri Lakshmnas….

The same Shri Lakshmna who drew the line of protection for Sita Mata

Famously known as The Lakshmna Rekha

Cut off the nose of Demon Princess Surpanakha

(basically insulted her by not being enamoured by her charms)

Showing that the decent, dignified women will be respected and protected

And the indecent/ shameless ones will only meet with insult & rebuke

It still happens ….even in Kaliyug

And thus probably the present day demon princesses are busy teaching the girls

To not have any sense of shame and dignity

Whoever is following the path as shown by such bold & brazen damsels..

Are meeting with the same gruesome destiny – of hopelessness & insult!

Girls – wake up to this revelation….and mend your ways!



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