Several thousand souls await their salvation!- A Poem

Several thousand souls await their salvation!

Oh reader, if you are reading this –
know for sure that among those thousand souls
are your ancestors too – awaiting their deliverance!
So what can you do?

You can release them from their miserable condition
You can relieve their despair
that they have been suffering from since countless eons
Yes, countless eons – humans have taken birth and got
entangled in karmic debts – several karmic debts
karmas that were good, bad, ugly, very ugly

But you can help them out
With self realization –
while your cleanse your chakras
and slowly when your divine energy rises
it cleanses not just your present life conditions
but also the karmic garbage you have been collecting
since many of your previous lives!
and while doing so – you FORGIVE
The forgiveness that is not just a lip service
but from deep within
when you realize that everything was done in ignorance
when you experience a life full of divine vibrations
a life of Sat-Chit-Anand – a truly beautiful & blissful existence!

It is then and only then – that you can truly forgive
and actually pray for forgiveness for all your ancestors
your family members, friends, acquaintances of not just his life
but even of previous many lives!

Awaken dear ones – to this great wisdom & experience of
Self realization..
Make hay while the sun shines….
Become joyous and break free
from the shackles of petty worldly existence!

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