Story of the Independent woman

Story of the Independent woman

So she got this job at a construction unit.

Everyone marvelled at her.

She is an independent woman.

She spends her own money. Does not depend on anyone.

She goes home in the evening.

Cooks for her 3 brothers and 4 sisters.

Mother is expecting the 9th baby actually, so she is resting a bit.

Mother is very proud of her independent daughter – she works…

Like the women in big-big cities!

Father comes home drunk.

He needs money for gambling so that he can buy another drink for himself…

If by chance he wins this last time in gambling!

He knows where his daughter hides the extra money – it is a one room hut after all.

He steals the money his daughter is saving for her marriage.

Everyone wants a life partner you see – he may be drunk & good-for-nothing..

Just like the father – but still she has hopes of getting a good husband.

She fasts on Mondays also……

Religious zealots are screaming at the top of their voices – Theirs is the best they say!

Political Zealots are happy – the more poverty stricken voters, the better it is for them!

Creative zealots are enjoying glamour and glitz!

Stars & celebs – females esp. are busy showing their hardened teats & bikini waxed pits –

To create more scandal & controversies…..& making males more frustrated for being stuck with –

Ugly and fat wives!

Wee bit educated & cultured citizens are dying to get outta their respective countries…

Little do they realize that exactly the same game is being played everywhere else!!



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