Such a mockery in the name of religion!!

Lajja – modesty, shyness & a sense of shame
What a mockery in the name of religion that we, the people, indulge in!
And then we wonder why on earth do we suffer!?
Come Pujas – soon we will see the (some) females loitering & pandal hopping wearing fashionable backless cholis introduced to them by the fashion world. Those who follow fashion so blindly should not waste their time in Puja Pandals…..they basically invite the Mother’s wrath. FYI!
To the Common Women – Try not to wear such attires especially during auspicious occasions like festival of Durga Puja! Onlookers only stare at you with lust and disrespect. Try not to invite such dirty vibes towards yourselves…doesn’t help in the long run!


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