Tantrically Yours – A Short Love Story

Abha took an instant liking for Dinesh. He was new in the neighborhood and was a final year Engineering student. Abha tried everything under the sun to draw his attention towards her – but failed all the times!  After having used all the tricks as shown in movies and heard in real life … like changing the dressing style, makeup, hairdo according to the latest item Girl ruling the charts – etc. all to allure Dinesh – when everything failed – she eventually followed what her mother had been asking her to do – the day she had heard of her daughter’s weakness for Dinesh…as well as the fact that he had a promising career ahead …… approach the greedy but powerful tantric who lived in her village!


Both mother and daughter went to the tantric and Abha told him about her lovelorn state of heart and the fact that she wanted Dinesh to be hers by hook or by crook! The greedy tantric asked for an exorbitantly high amount of money since he knew that they lived in the city and were pretty well to do. Abha’s mother paid him whatever he asked for and he gave a box of sweetmeat in return….the sweetmeat that was to be fed to Dinesh so that the goblin trapped under the tantric would do exactly what the tantric would command It to do.

Abha went to Dinesh’s house the very next day – making some vague excuse and offered him the sweetmeat. Dinesh had a sweet tooth and he took not one but 3 at the same time….and whoosh!… the goblin could attach itself properly to his psyche!


From then on Dinesh startd liking Abha and started spending time with her. They exchanged their cell numbers…started dating each other and within 6 months Dinesh could not live without Abha! Dinesh’s mother was too shocked with his choice as she knew of her son’s refined tastes!

‘Dinesh! Have you gone mad? I mean …Abha of all the girls!! You cannot be serious – she has nothing in her that could attract you towards her – neither looks, nor figure…nor academic interests…she is pathetic in all respects ….what is wrong with you?’ asked Dinesh’s mother who was shocked to learn of her son’s affair with those absolute down-market people.


“Its love I guess…love creeps in slowly..and happens spontaneously – love does not see just physical beauty…it…’Dinesh was stopped in the middle.


‘Oh! shut up – don’t give me those filmy dialogues…Abha cannot become my daughter-in-law…that’s final.’ Replied Dinesh’s mother.


‘In that case I’ll have to take steps that may hurt you.’ replied Dinesh.


‘Really!? And what steps may I know?’ asked his mother.


‘I will marry her in the temple and leave this house….you stay alone with dad…’ replied Dinesh curtly.

Both Dinesh’s parents were shocked but eventually they accepted Abha – since Dinesh was their only child and they loved him too much.


5 months passed and things were going fine. Abha’s mother used to visit her village every month just to pay the greedy tantric ….so that her daughter lived happily ever after with Dinesh.


One day while boarding the bus, Abha’s mother fell on the road and was rushed to the hospital. She had broken her ankle and was unable to move about. Two weeks later she got the news that Abha was pregnant. Her happiness knew no bounds – childbirth meant ‘happiness ever after confirmed’. She decided to discontinue paying the tantric…and that was the biggest mistake of her life!!


Dinesh got transferred to Delhi and Abha was only too glad to go to a new place and decorate her house in her way. Abha’s mother wanted to accompany her daughter but because of her ill health, she decided to go 4-5 months later and help her with her new-born baby.


Three months had passed and the tantric never got any news from Abha’s mother. He telephoned her to remind her of his monthly fees but her mother turned a deaf ear…..her daughter was already married for 6 months, was pregnant…nothing could possibly go wrong anymore – why should she pay the tantric unnecessarily she thought! The tantric screamed and cursed her over the phone but Abha’s mother did  not pay any heed. Nothing could possibly go wrong now…she thought!


Well… she thought wrong…very wrong indeed! The tantric got furious and called back his goblin…he had other people to impress with his powers and with limited number of goblins…he had to call back the goblin who had been possessing Dinesh for the last 14 months!…and before the Goblin left – it thought creating some unrest…..Abha fell from the stairs and lost her baby!


Abha’s bed-ridden mother was shocked to hear the news! She hurriedly instructed her maid to go to her village and fall at the tantric’s feet to set things straight again for her daughter.  Unfortunately, her maid happened to be a very close friend of Dinesh’s maid….and the beans got spilled!


In the meanwhile – Dinesh’s new office demanded more time and at home his ‘wife-with-a-recent-miscarriage’ was causing him a lot of disturbance. Both started fighting over trifle things & Dinesh was finding Abha to be absolutely intolerable!


‘Maa – you were so right! Abha is such an immature imp – the entire day she is brooding, does no work and in the evening she expects me to take her out daily and entertain her like I was some clown in the circus…I am fed-up of her…I am thinking of sending her back to her mother – couple of days with her mother may help her get over her trauma…..Maa are you listening?’asked Dinesh over the phone.


‘I am coming with a more shocking revelation son….I will be reaching tomorrow at noon’ replied Dinesh’s mother.

Dinesh went to receive his mother at the airport and in the coffee shop his mother told him all about the tantric, his tricks with goblins, how he cursed  Abha’s mother …. followed by abortion.


‘Mom…I can’t believe all this…do you really mean…this is the 21st century for God’s sake….and I am ….’ started Dinesh.


‘Dinesh – you never even looked her way when we first moved in that cursed locality… in fact you even made fun of her English and her dressing sense with your cousins…then what came over you?…is she any good for you from any angle…. look at her family…her upbringing, her education,  her class… culture…. is it any match with ours?…I had no idea that these Bi…@* were using tantric tricks to rope you …..and we were fighting with each other for this uncouth piece of shit!…..’said Dinesh’s mother.


‘So..what do we do now?’ asked Dinesh.


‘Kick her outta you life of course Dinu!…divorce her – she has mesmerized you…you never were in love with her – they used hypnotism…or whatever crap to entrap you..and we all suffered because of her and her equally vile-y  bi@#** of a mother!’


‘But how do we prove it?….like she used tantric practices…etc….how do we prove it…’ asked a shaky Dinesh.


‘Oh! I’ll manage all that. I have asked an NGO for help too – in fact right now couple of interviewers must have already reached the village to unmask the greedy tantric who ruins lives for money… you don’t worry about it – lets go home and you ask Abha all about it…’ replied his mother.


Back at home, Dinesh jokingly placed the tantric concept and made her divulge all that she knew about the incident. Abha was clueless of the fact that Dinesh was recording all that she was telling him. Evidence was collected. They all left for Calcutta and once they reached, Dinesh filed for a divorce.


After 8 months their divorce came through. Dinesh moved to Delhi with his parents. They sometimes discussed the nightmare they all went through in Calcutta. Abha took some time to recuperate. She and her mother were always on the look out for eligible bachelors…to offer sweetmeats to…..


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