The Nabhi chakra – Swadhisthana Chakra Connection!

The Nabhi Chakra- Swadhisthana Chakra Connection!

The Swadisthana Chakra, corresponds to the colour yellow/orange and the fire element, while the 3rd Chakra, the Nabhi (Navel centre) corresponds to the colour green and the water element.

Confusion arises as one often sees contemporary chakra charts where the reverse is indicated!

The confusion has arisen because the Swadisthana Chakra actually orbits the Nabhi Chakra. So perhaps they should not necessarily be thought of in numerical order. Sometimes the Swadisthana is located in the 2nd position, and sometimes in the third, depending on where it is in its revolution.

It makes sense, though, to think of the Swadisthan as the 2nd Chakra, as it represents creation, the phase of existence preceding the evolutionary stage. The stage of evolution/preservation is at the Nabhi level (3rd centre) with its 10 Avatars or incarnations of Vishnu in progressively higher forms from fish to man.

Traditional depictions of the Hindu god Vishnu reclining on the cosmic ocean (see illustration) help us to properly understand the nature of these two closely connected chakras.

Lord Vishnu presides over the Nabhi Chakra, through which he and his consort Shri Lakshmi sustain the body at its centre, the navel level. He is shown reclining on a green cosmic ocean, and with greenish skin. There is a clear connection with the water element.

Lord Brahma, god of creation, sits on a lotus (chakra) growing from Lord Vishnu’s navel. This is symbolic of the creative Swadisthana chakra orbiting the Nabhi chakra as a sub-chakra satellite.

In Indian mythology, as all over the world, creativity is associated with the fire element, which is yellow/ orange.

The Swadhisthan Chakra is suspended on a chord from the Nabhi Chakra, and moves around the Void area. When the Kundalini rises, it passes into the Nabhi Chakra first and then along the chord to enlighten the Swadhisthan before returning to the Nabhi Chakra to continue the journey to the crown of the head.

In the course of evolution, humans translated his need for shelter and security into the building of homes. As his sense of aesthetics developed he continued to improve on these forms of shelter (until eventually architecture came about). This creativity evolved into abstract form, where he could imagine, project and create an image which had no previous counterpart. From this burgeoning aestheticism came the creative arts.


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