At first the Primordial Mother has two Powers: the Parameshwari Power and the Pranava Power.

The Parameshwari Power which resides with Parameshwara in abstract form is the witnessing power of Almighty God. This is the Power of Her Being, and with it She incarnates in a human form. This Power could be said to be Her Self-assumption or Realization.
The Pranava Power is the All-pervading Power or light of Adi Shakti emitted through Her Parameshwari Power. It can be better understood by an analogy. An all powerful Queen possesses a power of her own being. The same Queen has a power to rule others, to create an empire for herself, and to improve the lives of those she rules over. She may also bestow her power to rule upon certain individuals of her choice.

In the same way, Adi Shakti has the Power of Her own Being, the power to be Herself, or to project the power (Her light) outside where it is known as Pranava or awareness. By this Power She fashions Her creation and even improves on it.


She creates human beings who, by Her grace, achieve Self-realization. Thus She makes some of Her chosen subjects also aware of Her awareness or light. When Pranava is dormant it is known as Kundalini, but when it meets the Spirit (Ishwari), it becomes enlightened. Pranava acts under the complete control of Adi Shakti, who has three moods which transform it into three forms (Swaroopa). Her Powers are:

By Her first Power as Mahakali (Shivani), She exists in every particle of matter and in all living bodies as electro-magnetic vibrations. This Power is one form of Pranava, the single and integrating Power of Adi Shakti. In matter this Power exists in the nucleus of every atom and emits vibrations which create electro-magnetic forces.

In lower animate forms like plants, it exists as life force; in higher animals and human beings, it is the pulsation of life in the heart. This Power burns like a candle wick in every particle of the material creation. It is the result of Adi Shakti’s desiring mood (Tamoguna).

Mahakali represents the power of existence. As the negation of existence is death, She also expresses destruction. She acts on the cosmic channel of the left side of the Virata called the Adi Ida Nadi where She stores all that is dead in creation.

By Her second creative material Power as Mahasaraswati (Hiranya Garbhini), Adi Shakti transforms the Pranava into material power creating the causal essences which ultimately create the Five Primordial Elements.

These in turn are used to create the mass of matter like galaxies, solar systems and planets including the Sun, Moon and Earth. This power exists in the stomach of the Primordial Being, and acts through the Primordial Swadhisthana Centre (Adi Swadhisthana Chakra).

This power is the result of Her creative, activating mood (Rajoguna).

Her third Power is of Mahalakshmi, and is the Power that renders sustenance (Dharma) to Her creation. She acts on the Primordial Central Channel (Adi Sushumna Nadi).

By this Power She generates the evolutionary process, and by this Power changes sustenance to give different characters to various forms of creation. To guide this process along, She even incarnates on this channel on different chakras with Her fourth Power of Parameshwari.

The Parameshwari Power is reflected as Ishwari when Adi Shakti incarnates in human form. When She incarnates alone it is as Jagadamba (Mother of the World) or as Adi Shakti (Mother of Creation).

When the three aspects of Almighty God incarnate in human form She also incarnates as their potent Power (Shakti). She creates Her Son without the play of the Father on this earth, making a Son God (Shri Ganesha), who much much later also takes human birth (Jesus Christ).

In all such cases She acts as a dormant Mother.

The fifth Power of Adi Shakti is the total awareness (Pranava) which is the aura of Her Ishwari Power, or the breathing of Her Love.

It is the Divine Power of Love (Pranava). This is the all-pervading, all-integrated, all-knowing and all-organizing Power which is felt after Self-realization as Divine vibrations (Chaitanya Lahiri or ‘the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost’).

This is the Power of the Spirit in the human heart, and is present in every human being as well as every animate and inanimate being. But if the aura is without light (Prakash) it is not in the awakened state.

As evolution reaches its climax with human beings assuming their identity, the three Powers integrated by Kundalini awakening (Residual Power) through Sahaja Yoga (spontaneous salvation), and the Yoga takes place between the three human powers and the Spirit.

When this happens the vibrations start simultaneously emitting from the newly-realized soul’s being. They seep out with great force from the body of Adi Shakti when She incarnates, and are reflected through the bodies of all realized souls. Through Self-realization they become part and parcel of their Divine Mother’s Body, and acting as extensions of Her Being, also emit Her Divine Power of Love.
When these three Powers combine they create Pranava by enlightening the Spirit.

The analogy of a home gas burner will suffice to explain very clearly how this happens. The burner has a small little flame of wick which burns continuously. This can be compared to the Ishwari Power. The three Powers integrate to form the dormant Power of Pranava can be compared to the gas power.

When the dormant gas (Pranava) is pared to meet the burning flame (the Ishwari Power), the light increases tremendously because of the ignition. This analogy may help to explain the Ishwari Power as the ignition Power, and the gas as the integrated dormant Pranava (Kundalini Power). When ignited the light is the awareness or enlightened Pranava.


Source – Shri Mataji’s First Book

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