The ruling planet of Vishuddhi Chakra – Saturn

The ruling planet of Vishuddhi Chakra – Saturn

Planet Saturn, worshipped by Indians as Shani Dev, is the most dreaded of all stars and planets .

Shani Dev is the one who keeps a record of all our karmas. There is NO ESCAPE whatsoever – if you have sinned, you’ll be punished. Indians are always trying to appease him so that his anger doesn’t come down as a life long wrath upon a person.

He is responsible for giving the deserving punishment or reward to the individual depending on his karma phal (set of deeds as recorded in the ‘coiled element’ planted at the base of our spines )– or record of his deeds.

So you see again we have come back to the ‘storage device’ fundamentals…that America excels in!!


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