Adi Shakti expresses the three aspects of Almighty God in the Great Primordial Being.

They are: I. Sadashiva           II. Hiranya Garbha (Prajapati)        III. Virata

The unchangeable identity of God is called Sadashiva, and His Power incarnates as Mahakali.

The Power of God represents His desire to express His creation through His Shakti, Mahakali, who is responsible for existence.

She destroys the demons and devils who disturb the processes of evolution. Though His existence is felt in the heart of the Virata as Ishwara, God’s desire to exist is expressed through Sadashiva. Thus Sadashiva is called the Deity of Existence. As the opposite of existence is destruction, He also bears the name the Destroyer.

In human beings Lord Shiva resides in the left side of the Heart Chakra with His Power, Shivani or Parvati.

She stores all that is dead and all that conditions the mind in humans. As in a working factory where fumes are created in the process of combustion, the activity of the Virata, in the process of existence, creates the Primordial Collective Subconscious Mind (Mahamanasa).

Fumes from the existence activity of the Virata collect in this Primordial Subconscious Mind also known as the Primordial Superego.
A realm containing many stratas of dead spirits are created in this Primordial Superego by Sadashiva. The lowest strata contains satanic and exceedingly cruel spirits. They enter many times into the conscious minds of living human beings.

It is Sadashiva’s role to protect human beings from invasions from this Primordial Subconscious Mind, and also from the cruel manifestation of disembodied spirits.

The channel which carries this power in human beings is called the Ida Nadi (Psyche). It converts every present experience into a past experience which is accumulated in the individual’s subconscious mind. In human beings it manifests in the gross as the left sympathetic nervous system.

Shiva represents existence, and His Power is expressed as electro-magnetic vibrations in dead matter (Jada), and as life (Prana) in living beings. Both of these powers are forms of the original Pranava or Divine Power.

Pranava is one integrated power just like a single current of air that produces seven different musical notes in a flute. In exactly the same way, electro-magnetic vibrations and Prana are two components, both derived from the one original Pranava, as two different notes are produced from the same flute.
If Parameshwara (Supreme Spirit) at any time does not enjoy the play of His Power, He recedes from the Heart of the Great Primordial Being, and the drama of creation ceases to exist. He does this by withdrawing His reflection as Spirit from the heart of the Virata. As an exact parallel, all activities of a human being’s body stop when the heart ceases to function. The result is the physical death of the individual.
The Sadashiva aspect represents the desiring mood (Tamoguna) of Almighty God, because He desired to exist and manifested His personality into being. His desiring Power is expressed as Mahakali who works through the left side of the Primordial Being’s Heart Chakra.

She maintains the emotional life of the creation. The desiring mood surrounds and acts on the Primordial Being’s Heart, but Ishwara (the Spirit of God), who resides in the Heart, is not bound by the play of the emotional side of creation.

The emotional side of creation expresses desire which is merely an emotion, but is not creation itself. The actual creation happens through the creative aspect of God, the Mahasaraswati Power.

In human beings the pulsation of the heart is the expression of this same existence power, and is felt as the life (Prana) which governs the emotional self.

Ishwara, which resides in the heart, is in no way connected, impressed or charmed by the existence power. It is totally detached and merges into Parameshwara as soon as Sadashiva stops the play.


Hiranya Garbha (Prajapati) is the creator aspect of Almighty God. It acts in the stomach of the Primordial Being which is a Void, also referred to as the Ocean of Illusion (Bhavasagara). (The way this Void was created is covered elsewhere.)

Hiranya Garbha’s Power incarnates as Mahasaraswati, and the entire material creation is the product of Her power and activity: She created all the galaxies, stars and planets including our own Sun, Moon and Earth. She also functions as the thinking power of the Primordial Being, and this process generates the Cosmic Ego (Adi Aham Kara).

The channel carrying this power is the Adi Pingala Nadi, and it expresses the Cosmic Pre-conscious Mind (Adi Chitta). It acts like a postman who carries messages to the intellect of the Almighty. Through this power the Five Primordial Elements are created in the Primordial Being which ultimately creates the physical bodies of human beings on this earth.

Hiranya Garbha represents the creative mood (Rajoguna) of the Primordial Being. In human beings this power is expressed as the creative power of man. It is carried by the Ida Nadi Channel in the subtle form in the spinal chord, and manifests in the gross as the right sympathetic nervous system.

It creates human ego through which human beings think about the future. All human planning and thinking occurs as a result of this power.

In human beings the Hiranya Garbha aspect of Almighty God is expressed through Brahmadeva, the Creator.

Brahmadeva does not play any role in the evolutionary process, but does provide the human being’s physical body necessary for its evolution, as well as an ego that thinks (Ahamkara).

When the Primordial Zygote assumes full maturity as the Body of the Primordial Being, He is called the Virata.

This happens when His Body (just like a human being’s body) fully expresses all His aspects and contents. These contents are the material manifestation of:

* all animate beings

* human beings

* Gods and Goddesses (Deities)

* the Cosmic Kundalini.


The Power of God’s aspect as Virata is called Viratangana which manifests through the Primordial Brain (Adi Sahastrara) and the Primordial Heart (Adi Anahata) of the Primordial Being. Viratangana incarnates as Mahalakshmi who operates on the central path of Adi Sushumna Nadi.

Vishnu is created at the navel centre (Adi Nabhi Chakra) of the Virata. The navel is surrounded by the Void (Bhavasagara), whence He incarnates to lead the evolutionary process at different key times, moving on this central path.

The Great Primordial Being (the Virata) incarnates as Lord Vishnu in human beings. This power is expressed through the subtle central channel (Sushumna Nadi) in the spinal chord, and further, in the gross, as the parasympathetic nervous system.

His channel is the evolutionary path, and His ten Incarnations of the Virata have helped mankind to evolve:

1) Fish Matsya avatara

2) Tortoise Kurma avatara

3) Wild Boar Varaha avatara

4) Man/Lion Narasimha avatara

5) Short Man Vamana avatara

6) Strong Man Parasurama avatara

7) Benevolent & Perfect King Rama avatara

8) Playful Witness: The Virata Krishna avatara

9) Jesus Christ: Son of Virata Boudha avatara or Mahavishnu

10) The Rider on the White Horse Kalki avatara of Mind (the One Collective Being)


The three aspects of God are expressed by His Power, Adi Shakti. She incarnates as the three powers of Mahakali, Mahasaraswati and Mahalakshmi, which She multiplies into three forms (Trigunatmika).

But the Primordial Mother, or Holy Ghost in the Christian tradition, has also been given the power to incarnate: She can take human form (Avatar Shakti) Herself. To guide the evolutionary process, She either takes incarnation Herself, through Her incarnating power, or creates male and female Incarnations through whom She works.

If we compare God to an object and Adi Shakti, His Power, as a light whose existence is relative: whenever He stops His creation She merges into Him. The creation is like a mirror or reflector. If He withdraws the light, the reflection just does not exist. Her power to communicate or amuse Him is also lost.

Adi Shakti evolves forms in the Body of the Primordial Being, while Almighty God resides on top of the head of the Primordial Being as Parameshwara.

He watches the field of His Body as a witness through reflecting in the Heart of the Virata as Ishwara. The moorings of the Primordial Being are in the all-integrated form of Parameshwara. So when Virata incarnates on this Earth as Shri Vishnu, it is as the projection of Supreme Spirit (Purusha). In the same way, Brahmadeva (Prajapati) and Sadashiva also have their moorings in Parameshwara.

Almighty God is the embodiment of absolute beauty, absolute knowledge (Truth), and absolute love. He is the knower of His field (Kshetragnya), and His field develops through His Power, the Primordial Mother.

His three aspects are reflected by Her Powers. His identity does not increase or decrease, expand or contract. His vision sees the field that increases or decreases. His Power, as Adi Shakti (the Primordial Mother) does not increase or decrease, but She expands according to the space occupied.

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