The Turning Point – A Short Story

The Turning Point

“Ofcourse not! Never will I send my son to a hostel – I mean… come on ! he is just 6 years old – he needs love from both his parents – you know I have often seen that boys who grow up in a Hostel turn out to be very dry personalities – they have greater tendencies of becoming a gay… no love or lack of ‘love’ from a feminine aspect does make a man dry and egoistic, a cynical personality – whereas when a child grows up with sisters and Aunts and of course his Mother around – he becomes a balanced personality ” said Mrs Gunjan Rao – she was sitting in her Office with a couple of her other Lady colleagues. It was lunch break & they were arguing over the fact whether Hostel life is good for children or not.

“Sorry pal – I completely disagree with you – most of my male cousins were sent to hostels at the age of 4 only and all of them – touch wood – are holding very high positions in every field that is there for a man to shine in – one of them is an Art Film Director by the way and he just received a Critic Award in the Cannes Festival last year – so dear one – please come out of your myths regarding Hostel life – moreover you mix with children who belong to more or less your standard & category – the more you mix with people – the more versatile you become – and that’s a well known and established fact !”replied Mrs Tulika Biswas.

“And Gunjan – what you just said about being balanced, sensitive and loving – well let me tell you that I personally know of a doting Mother – who spent all her life looking after the needs of her only son – pampering him like nobody’s business – but when he grew up – he got married to an American Lady – much older to him – all this for a green card they say – and does not even ring up his widow Mother – to know how she is keeping !”said Mrs. Neelam Agnihotri.

“And if you notice – this tradition of sending away boys for further studies is seen in both Ramayana & Mahabharata – the Prince was sent away from the luxuries of Palace to some remote hermit’s..or Guru’s hut in order to learn the ways of life – so you see – it’s a done thing since eons” added Tulika.

“Well in those days ladies had 9 to 14 children – sending a couple of them away was done to get some respite from all of them screaming together – women in those days were just responsible for giving birth and feeding the household – but now things are different – I have only one son – and I am not going for another…so I think I should feel what is it like being a Mother – and this can happen only when my child is around !!” said Gunjan.

“Well well – to each his own – I can still feel my motherhood – in spite of the fact that my son comes every once a year for 1 month – and he is very happy to be in the hostel – after a week or so – he begins to miss his friends and the hostel life- and its so nice to see him fold his own clothes, make his own bed – its very spontaneous in him- such discipline can come only through a hostel life..and what is a man without the sense of discipline and responsibility? !” said Tulika.

They all resumed working after the Lunch break and each one of them maintained this thought that their respective outlook in life was the only correct outlook possible !

Three Weeks later .

Gunjan for standing to catch a cab. Her husband , Mr. Aneesh Rao, usually picked her up from Office on his way back home but he rang up and asked her to go home on her own as it was ‘year ending’ and he was very busy with the accounts. Her husband was in the Finance Department in an Ace Advertising Agency. It usually happened this way every year so Gunjan was more or less prepared to go on her own. It was drizzling and she was unable to get a cab. She wished that Aneesh had sent the Company’s Driver with the car but then that would mean double journey on the same route and waste of petrol.

After waiting for about 15 minutes, she finally got a cab.

“Madam, there will be traffic jam if we go this way today – since some Minister is coming and the roads have been blocked for his security – should I take a different route to Green Park?” asked the Cab Driver.

“Huh…well okay do so” Gunjan was very poor with roads and directions but she was careful not to let the cab driver know about her poor knowledge regarding roads – so she let him take his course – appearing to be confident about her decision.

They were driving on the different route when she suddenly spotted her car right in front of them!

Shucks ! she thought – if she had waited a little longer – Aneesh could have caught up with her – and they both could have gone home together….but then she saw some movements at the back seat – she strained her eyes to see closely – Yes – it was Aneesh – he was wearing the sky blue shirt that she had presented him on his birthday last year…but there was someone else too – a Lady – a young girl in fact – she could see her slender arms around Aneesh’s neck – and then she saw them kissing each other. Gunjan could not believe her eyes – No God..she thought – this cannot be happening to her – she tried to take a closer look – to reconfirm – yes it was him – it was Aneesh kissing some girl at the back seat !!

She suddenly became conscious of the cab driver !

“Oh – how shameless – bloody blokes” saying this the cab Driver tried to overtake the car. Suddenly the car took a turn and they went in some different alley.

Gunjan was totally shaken by this episode – she could’nt understand what her next step should be. They had a love marriage – 2 years of courtship – followed by marriage. Their son was 6 years old. She was 29, had kept herself slim and fit – they had a very active ‘sex’ life …then what went wrong – where ? She had no inkling that Aneesh could do this to her !She trusted him blindly. Should she ring up his office to find out whether he is still there? No – she thought – his colleagues might warn him….she then decided to wait for him to come and play it cool – she wanted to reach to the root of this matter.

Aniket came running to his mother. He used to be with the maid – Maya – till they arrived home – after which Maya made hot chappaties and left for her home which was just walking-distance from their house.

“Mom – look what I have made in school today – a First Aid box – I painted it myself – without anyone’s help – see see” Aniket tried to divert her attention – she tried to smile and appreciated him for the good work that he had done. She rang up Tulika and told her that she had some urgent work so will not be able to make it to office the next day.

After one hour – the door bell rang. Aneesh came in holding lots of files and folders – his lap-top was being carried by Pratap – the Company Driver.

“Pratap – can you come tomorrow at around 11 am to take me for some shopping?” asked Gunjan .

“Tomorrow – why you don’t have office?” asked Aneesh.

“Yes – I have to purchase some gifts for the farewell party at the office this Saturday” said Gunjan – instantly making up the story.

“Pratap – you only try to come please – other Drivers don’t recognize the roads so well as you do – and you know where I usually do my shopping from..okay?” said Gunjan.

“Okay Madam” saying this Pratap went away.

“Honey – I have loads of work tonight – please give me coffee in the flask – I might have to stay up the entire night !” said Aneesh.

“Oh! So much work eh?….okay you change & have your dinner first” said Gunjan – she was trying very hard to put up the act – she just had to act for one night she thought- tomorrow she’ll find out everything from Pratap.

She helped Aniket change to his night suit, told him a bed time story and put him to sleep.

The next morning – both Aneesh and Aniket left. She got ready and her heart was pounding to hear the truth.

Pratap reached on time. She sat in the car and said –

“Take me where you took your Sir yesterday after Office”.

“huh…what…” faltered Pratap.

“I was in the cab behind our car yesterday… who was the Lady behind – sitting close to Aneesh – since when has this been going on?” asked Gunjan.

“…3 months now madam – that Lady is not good Madam – she is some Model – very cheap madam – she lives alone in her small flat .. her parents live in some remote town – some 60 kms away…she will ruin Sir …please take him away from her…” said Pratap.

“Why did’nt you tell me before?” asked GUnjan.

“How can I madam – we belong to the Service class – what audacity do I have to meddle in what our bosses do?” said Pratap.

“He goes to her house daily..?”asked GUnjan.

“No Madam – not daily but definitely twice a week…she has joined the Agency as a Trainee…her name is Mallika Chauhan – very cheap madam – her dress sense is disgusting and extremely cheap…she was a model before – infact she approached this Agency to become a Model – but she was recruited instead – I suppose to get Clients…and bigger deals….you know how things work in an Advertising Agency…”said Pratap.

Three months ! thought Gunjan – and she never came to know about it ! Aneesh had been fooling her – two timing her for the last 3 months and she kept on serving him and his needs like some dumb illiterate wife !

“Okay Pratap – please don’t tell Sir that you have told me – he must not come to know that I know his little secret – okay?” saying this Gunjan took out a Rs.500/- note and gave it to Pratap.

She did a little bit of shopping – reached back home and left the driver.

Her Next Step. She thought of the pros and cons. If at the age of 29, Aneesh could betray her – what is the guarantee that he will not continue doing so even at 50? Both of them were 29 years old. This time she had caught him – next time he will be more careful – Womanising is an addiction – like drinking or smoking – difficult to give up easily !

She remembered her College days when she was just 18. Aneesh had joined the same college – he was in the Commerce Section and she had taken Arts. They had been introduced by a common friend during a College fest. Aneesh was very handsome, tall and fair. All the girls were dying to get introduced to him. Gunjan had thought herself to be lucky when she got introduced to him.

Gunjan was a shade darker than him – but had large expressive eyes and she was very well endowed – and had a good figure. Since that day they started meeting in the college canteen – Gunjan used to share her tiffin with him – he loved home made food – he had been in the hostel since the age of 5 – had recently joined his parents & he was the only son.

Often he told her about how lonely he felt in his hostel – he told her of the minute details of how his seniors continued bullying him till he was 12 – they made him wash their smelly under garments – and made him do lots other works – since he was timid – he did it all without complaining. He even told her of the incident when he was ‘sodomised’ and forced to have ‘oral sex’ by 3 of his seniors – he had complained against them and had them expelled from the hostel. It was , in fact, after this incident that he became very famous and other boys who were as timid as him – who were all going through the same nightmare – but never could dare to tell it to the Authorities – made him their Leader – and since then he was the most sought after Senior in Hostel. It was this revelation regarding hostel life that had made Gunjan so averse to the idea of letting her son join any Hostel !

After his 12 th grade, he couldn’t manage to get the percentage marks required to get through the same Institute for higher studies – the reason he had to join his parents and thus the college where he had met Gunjan.

Often he used to put his head on her lap and doze off in the huge campus ground – he often said that he felt as secure on her lap as an unborn infant feels in his Mother’s womb!…so much was his love for her – thought Gunjan – and now he was trying to find that love in some cheap whore woman’s hole – someone who was brought up by some lower class family in some remote suburb of Bengal was now Gunjan’s competitor !

Gunjan could’nt get over the sight that she saw last evening – Aneesh kissing that whore !- and how cool he played when he came back – getting work load home – ofcourse he had spent a solid 45 minutes in the whore’s house – he had to make up for the time for working late at night …and moreover the coffee was not consumed as Gunjan had thrown the entire coffee in the morning – he was awake only for an hour or so – but pretended that he will have to lie awake the entire night !Who was he trying to fool – thought Gunjan – this was the era of IT – reports are generated automatically by a single click of a button – so much paper work is hardly seen nowadays in this era of cds and ipods……

Her deep reverie was broken by the unlatching of the door – Aniket came in with Maya and her son Suraj.

“Madam – you are at home – you didn’t go to Office today?!” asked Maya.

“No – I didn’t” replied Gunjan and she went straight to Aniket’s room – and to her surprise she found Suraj – sitting on his bed with dirty feet and running nose !

“Why are you sitting on the bed” Gunjan screamed “sit on the floor and play”.

“No mamma – we always play on the bed – we’ll now play ludo” saying this Aniket jumped on his bed – took out his ludo and both started playing.

“Aniket ! when will you take your bath and have your food? Its already 2:15…” screamed Gunjan and then went straight to the Kitchen where Maya was warming food for Aniket.

“Maya ! when do you give baba a bath ? I have asked you to immediately give him a bath as soon as he comes in…and why are you so late? You are supposed to pick up Aniket at 1:45 and it takes only 10 minutes to reach home…you came in at 2:15!? Where were you?” asked Gunjan.

“Memsahab, after bringing baba from school – I have to go and collect Suraj also – his school gets over at 2 pm – so I wait – and then bring them both here…” said Maya.

“What!? You make baba stand in the scorching sun – in order to collect your son from the school – what happened to your husband – he used to collect Suraj from school?” charged Gunjan.

“My husband has left me for another woman…..”saying this she started crying bitterly “he left me 1 month ago and said that he cannot take any responsibility either mine or Suraj’s” Maya said continuing to cry bitterly.

Gunjan did’nt know whether to believe her or not – these maid servant category people were fine liars and had great acting skills – thanks to movies ! She asked Maya to go and give Aniket a bath and she warmed up the food instead.

Aniket came to the dining room along with Suraj – both sat on the chair – as if food was to be served to both of them.

“Your friend eats here with you as well” Gunjan asked Aniket in English- so that Suraj does not understand.

“Yes mamma – he does ..why?” asked Aniket.

That’s it – this was the last straw on the camel’s back !

Gunjan took a quick review of her family life :

Husband is having an affair with a whore for the last 3 months.

Maid servant’s dirty, uncouth, smelly son is eating and probably sleeping with Aniket on the same bed !The reason why Aniket has picked up foul language and dirty habits and had a running nose with fever a week ago!

Maid is coolly making food for her son – and probably feeding him more than Aniket – after all it’s a Mother’s heart !

And all this time Gunjan had been thinking of herself as a great wife, best Mother & Ace Executive – a Modern Woman – balancing wifehood, motherhood and professional life successfully !!..but actually she was a miserable failure in all the three !!

No this could not go on – she needed a solution – and she came out with one !

She rang up Tulika.

“Tulika…I was wondering if you could come over with your son and husband tonight to my residence for Dinner” said Gunjan.

“Dinner! why …is it your Anniversary today…that I have forgotten?” enquired Tulika.

“No…actually Tulika – you were right the other day regarding Hostel….”said Gunjan.

“Uh ! yeah – why ?! what happened suddenly…your Motherhood has gone for a toss or what?!” asked Tulika.

“No – jokes apart…actually what I saw today …..” and she related the entire incident of how her maid servant was having a gala feast at her house and how Aniket was mixing with the maid’s son.

“I know ! this is what happens – no matter where you teach your child – after all he will imbibe qualities from his friends – the reason why Hostel life is recommended to all children nowadays what do you want me to do?” asked Tulika.

“I want to introduce Aniket to your son Anand…I want to let him be exposed to Hostel life and please tell your son to positively counsel Aniket regarding Hostel life.” Said Gunjan.

“I needn’t tell him that – he is very happy there – been there for the last 3 years now – he’ll be one year senior to Aniket fact forms are being given away at their Hostel – I have a friend who is very close to me – she can arrange for the forms immediately – your son can join from this session itself – from April ie.- do you want it?” enquired Tulika.

“Oh! That would be a great idea! Please do so Tulika – I’ll ever be so grateful to you!!” said Gunjan.

Now next step. Gunjan rang up Aneesh and told him of the Dinner party at their residence tonight.

“Why! Suddenly you are throwing a dinner party?” enquired Aneesh.

She told him of her plan about sending Aniket to Hostel – she made the entire episode of Suraj-Maya-& Aniket trio – utterly gory to hear – and convinced Aneesh over the phone about sending him to Hostel.

“But….this year itself…I mean let him be seven….it would be too soon for him…we’ll send him next year” suggested Aneesh.

“Aneesh I want to drive away this bitch Maya out of my house – I can’t do so now because she is indispensable – we need her for Aneesh – once he is gone I’ll kick her out” said Gunjan.

“But kick Maya and look for someone else…for this reason we just can’t send away our child to hostel – and in just 3 weeks time – would you be able to handle it ? “ asked Aneesh.

“Where will we find a new maid from now? – who will train her – I can’t take leave from Office anymore –have already taken 10 days leave in order to teach this bitch Maya .. she had lied to me regarding her son – these street mongrels are nothing but liars…I have called Tulika tonight – so please try to be there – it does not look decent – since I have invited her husband as well ”said Gunjan.

“hmm…okay – but I still think you are being hasty..”said Aneesh.

Hasty ! thought Gunjan – she has been a fool all these years – for having gone against her parent’s wishes in order to marry this whore-monger. Aneesh’s father had left his Mother for another Woman and his Mother had married elsewhere – his own father never took any responsibility – and he hated his step-father – but still stayed with him for he had no where else to go .He was often rebuked at home for not being able to make it through for higher studies in the same Institute as he was in since his childhood – by both his Mother and step father.

“Aneesh is from a broken home – such children have many complexities Gunjan – he’ll never make you happy – his father left his Mother …one day even he will leave you” – her Mother had said it to her. So correct she was – Gunjan wished that she had listened to her Mother and not gone for this shameless bloke !

She was blindly in love with him at that point of time – so much that she even agreed to have ‘sex’ with him ! When he had first made the proposal – she was too shocked – but later – in the fear of losing him to Sangita – another contestant for Aneesh in the same college – she had agreed to go to his house during his parent’s absence in order to have ‘sex’ !It had become a regular affair then onwards. She had heard rumors that during her absence for a couple of days – when she had gone to Goa on a Family holiday – he used to take Sangita home !- but she did’nt pay any heed to it thinking it was just jealousy among her friends regarding him – that they were spreading such rumors !

She now realized that all that she had heard regarding his debauch character was right after all ! Her friends were telling the truth – but she blindly believed Aneesh ! What an ignorant fool she was – thought Gunjan. In fact a month ago she had got an offer to go to Mumbai as a Promotion posting but she had refused – since she did not want to leave Aneesh & Aniket alone – and moreover if she had accepted the promotion posting, her salary would have been much more than Aneesh !Thinking that it would hurt his ego – she had let go this golden opportunity !!And here Aneesh did not even think twice before breaking her heart and going ahead with the affair !

Sending Aniket to Hostel was the best thing that she could do for him – he was a very sensitive child – like her – she did not want him to suffer the brunt of what would eventually happen when Gunjan would confront Aneesh regarding his affair with Mallika. She had planned everything – first : admit Aniket in the School-hostel, second : confront Aneesh and finally Divorce. But she had to go slow about it – very slow she thought. She wanted Aniket to settle in hostel first – afterwards she will take full charge.

Later in the Evening :

“Aniket today you’ll meet a very interesting fellow – his name is Anand Biswas – he stays in a hostel …in a very beautiful hilly area – he has some hundreds of friends to play with – he’ll come today to play with you” said Gunjan – she had started preparing Aniket for his forthcoming hostel life. She started telling him of huge play grounds, and hoards of games and picnics and Aniket was gradually getting very interested in all this.

They arrived in the evening. Anand was introduced to Aniket and both went to play in his room. After exchanging greetings Gunjan started telling of the maid’s audacity and how Aniket had picked up foul language and dirty habits of not washing hands before food etc.

“He will pick up foul language from hostel as well – don’t be under the impression that the other boys who join the hostel will be coming from elite backgrounds only …just like your son has picked up dirty language – others too pick up this way” snapped Aneesh. Aneesh was thoroughly confused with Gunjan’s sudden decision to send Aniket to Hostel – he had told her about his hatred for Hostel life – but she was hell bent to send his son to the same muck that he was in.

“No no Mr. Rao – the hostel Anand is in – is very strict – such foul language and dirty habits are not tolerated at all – they are punished immediately.”said Tulika.

“Punishment is never a solution ! so what if he is punished – will he unlearn the abuse he has learnt ?…..He will still learn foul language – no one can stop that…the hostel I was in is known for its elite class society background – but I know what it was like…..” said Aneesh – it was very clear that Aneesh did’nt want Aniket to go to Hostel.

“You don’t want to send him to Hostel it seems…Tulika you just picked up the Form in vain” said Mr Biswas – who was taken aback by Aneesh’s rude behavior.

“No no – I am hell bent to send him to Hostel – Aneesh has not seen the sight – that I saw today – I hated to see that dark, dirty, runnig nose – Suraj playing with my son on his bed…..its better I send him to Hostel – I have already decided – there is no secong thought to it !” said Gunjan and started reading the Form”

“Very well then – it’s the era of the Modern Women – they take all the decisions…we husbands have no say in anything anyways! What say you Mr. Biswas?” said Aneesh trying to dilute the situation.

They all had dinner – and it was fixed that Aniket will go for an admission test after 2 days.

That night Gunjan called Aniket to their bedroom, Aneesh was in a very foul mood – but managed to smile when he saw Aniket.

“So Anik…Suraj also takes a bath with you sometimes..?” asked Gunjan – she was trying to find out what else happened in her absence and moreover she wanted to make the situation more authentic – Aneesh was not at all getting convinced…and Gunjan was not ready to serve both the debauch father and his son all her life – she had wasted enough time on this mongrel – and now she wanted her own identity – which she was capable of creating for herself.

“yes..sometimes he does” said Aniket.

“Sunny why did’nt you tell Mamma all this” asked Gunjan.

“Because then you’ll not let Suraj come and play Ludo with me – then I’ll have no one to play with – my life will be from school to house then again school – and Maya Masi told me that if I tell you this she’ll leave us – then who would cook for us ..? and who would bring me back from school? Both you and Papa are busy making money!”said Aniket – all in one go.

Aneesh looked surprised at Aniket’s reply ! Good , thought Gunjan – things were falling in place now !

“Did you see how the bitch has counseled our son – she is making him weak from within” said Gunjan.

“hmmm..”said Aneesh.

“How was your new friend today – Anand?” asked Gunjan.

“Oh! He is very smart – he won both the times in Caremboard ,then in ludo as well as in Monopoly !”said Aniket.

“We’ll go to his school day after tomorrow – if you like that school – then even you can have several friends to play with , go to picnics, children’s movies ..many things that you can all do together..would you like it?” asked Gunjan – ever so sweetly – much to Aneesh’s irritation.

“You’ll have to wash your own clothes, make your own bed..everything you’ll have to do on your own…get up early even on Sundays..stand in a queue for toilet” suddenly Aneesh said.

Before Aniket could react – Gunjan immediately intervened and said “of course he can manage it all by himself – he is a Big Boy now – did you show Papa the First Aid Box that you made – go bring it here” said Gunjan to change the topic and not let Aneesh counsel him negatively. Aneesh looked towards her sharply but Gunjan never gave any reaction to it.

Later she went to Aniket’s room and put him to sleep. She also decided not to let Aneesh mix much with Aniket – or her entire plan to get rid of Aneesh would fail !

Aniket did well in the Admission Test which was held in the City itself. He passed and got selected. After 2 weeks, he was to go to Simla. Gunjan took the weekend off and went for a shopping spree with Aniket – she bought him all that he set his eyes on – She did’nt know when will it happen the next time – obviously she will bring him to her house during his summer holidays she thought !

Finally they reached Aniket to his destination – Anand was there so Gunjan was a bit relaxed – almost immediately – on seeing Anand – Aniket felt comfortable. They bid each other goodbye and Gunjan came back home with a heavy heart.

“Why are you so quiet darling? Missing Aniket already? Well it was totally your decision – now there is no point to look so gloomy” said Aneesh.

Gunjan had stopped talking to Aneesh altogether – just monosyllables – she was waiting to take the next step – Confrontation – Aneesh’s presence was making her want to puke on his face.

“I will be going for 3 days – to Head Office. I’ll leave tomorrow – by evening flight – will you pack my bags?”asked Aneesh.

“No – I can’t pack any more bags – please leave me alone” – saying this Gunjan locked herself up in Aniket’s room.

Aneesh thought that she was missing Aniket – so he packed his bags himself.

Gunjan thanked God for making things fall in place – now she will have enough time to pack up her things and take all the things that was bought by her money – which included : Microwave oven, the mini refrigerator, Music System & the 5 in one blender. She also had to shift all her jewellery from the Locker and take out money from the Joint Account.

While Aneesh was away – the first thing she did was kick Maya away. Since she was alone – she ordered for food from outside and devoted most of her time packing. She looked for ‘To let’ Apartment Classified Advertisements and found one very close to her office. She called up her parents, met the Advocate, got the Divorce Forms, packed her things – had it sent to the her new ‘singles’ apartment and was ready to welcome Aneesh.

The phone rang. It was Aneesh on the line.

“Darling I will go straight to office today – I am calling from the Airport – see you in the evening….bye” .

She went to his office during Lunch break. They were in the employee canteen. She saw Aneesh sitting very closely with a dame – the same dame – she guessed – so closely that their arms were touching – she just went and stood in front.

They were talking in soft wispers – probably fixing up a date – when he looked up and saw Gunjan standing right in front of him – Aneesh was too shocked to see her!

“err…what happened – what are you doing here – is everything alright?”asked a shocked Aneesh.

“Yeah ! sorry to interfere in your ‘date fixing’ mode – but here are the house keys – your house keys ie.- you can take her to your own bedroom today – no need to go to her dilapidated & dirty, leaking apartment.. and catch up some veneral disease.” said Gunjan.

She then looked towards Mallika – she was very fair, looked around 23-24 years old – wearing a skin tight t-shirt – so tight that her hardened teats were clearly visible – maybe she was already aroused at the thought of the forthcoming evening! Gunjan was purposely screaming at the top of her voice – so that others in the Office Canteen also hear it. Gunjan then turned towards his other colleagues.

“You call me Bhabi ji – I sent dough-nuts and cakes for all of you – whatever you ever asked for – I sent it in the tiffin carrier – but it did not occur to any one of you here to warn me of this ‘whore’s arrival’ in Aneesh’s life?” Gunjan asked his colleagues.

“Gunjan! mind your language – she is a poor girl who has had a bad past – she is a case of CSA…and I am trying to counsel her out of her pathetic suicidal condition…”started Aneesh.

“Counsel her!? making her sit on your lap and compensating Child sexual abuse by giving her a dose of Adult Sexual abuse I suppose?… or by making your wife stand in the rain in order to go to her Apartment while kissing her at the back seat of your car?” asked Gunjan…then she continued “its all over Aneesh – I have been a fool all these years – you yourself are a frustrated case – son of a debauch father – I should not have expected any loyalty from you – like father – like son – this is what happens eventually – the reason I sent Aniket to Hostel – he is your son after all – he’ll also grow up to be a debauch like you if he stays in your vicinity – so to hell with you – goodbye – soon you will be summoned to the Court for I have already filed a divorce case” .

She then looked towards Mallika and said “Thanks for coming to my life so soon – or else I would have continued worshipping this debauch all my life…….”

After 3 months or so, she found out that Mallika was now a ‘kept’ to 59 years old – Mr. Sharma – Aneesh’s Boss!… and he had given her a big flat to live in – obviously she had kicked Aneesh for him and nowadays he was mostly seen in pubs & bars…not because his wife had left him ..but because Mallika had left him for his old , haggard rich Boss !!





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