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Tenure: 22 days.


It was an office situated in a remote corner of office para – dirty, unkempt and untidy office – a man was sitting inside talking on phone  -I had gone with my father and maternal uncle.

The office environment was very sick and maybe the expression on my face showed it clearly. That man who was interviewing inside the glass chamber came out and made a call where he made us understand that this office is only temporary and that the real office will be in Park Street – he was screaming – Park street wala office ..when do we shift in…- I must say I was convinced that this shady place will not be our office after all !

So two girls – me and another girl from Howrah and 3 boys got selected – We were to market a Travel Directory – the address and telephone numbers of all the travel agencies in and near Kolkata ! The Directory was about to be bound and we would start work after a week or so. In the mean time we were to report to Office daily – we then shifted to Merchantile building – or somewhat that name I do not quite remember the name – there were big offices in that building – in the top floor there was Price Water House Coopers .

Anyways some stray incidents that occurred here :


We have to give Rs.1000/- each in order to shift to the new office !


Sanjeev Jury was his name – our boss – made us give Rs.1000/- each as it would be required as security money – so many ways he convinced us my God ! and we got convinced as well ! Well it was my very first job – so I was duped !! but other boys were experienced – even they were duped. Later when the boss left for Delhi for an indefinite period of time, we ourselves spoke to the owner of the office building and he fell from the sky. He , in fact looked at us with utter bewilderment and said how come we gave any money as its such a foolish thing to do !

 Juhi Chawla approached him clad only in a towel !!

One day me and the other girl – Srabonti or something – I forgot her name – were sitting in his dilapidated cabin – when he told us a story that while he had gone to Mumbai for some official work (lying basically) Juhi Chawla had approached him – just fresh out of bath !! God only knows what he was doing in her room but then he left her and she went on screaming from behind !! – this was too too too much – we realized that we have joined a fraud but it was too late- we had already given the money to him – so we had to work for one month at least to get back our money !

 He came with his wife for dinner

He even came to our residence for dinner with his wife . My mother had commented looking at his wife that she had a lot of pain in her eyes – probably knew that her hubby is such a liar and was embarrassed.


We went from office to office selling that stupid Travel Agencies Directory !

There were times we were ousted, screamed at from various offices ! No one was interested in buying that piece of shit – I used to go to various big offices in Dalhousie region and used to wonder whether I will ever get a chance to work in such a big offie !!

But we managed to sell around 6-7 pieces of that shit to some offices – it costed Rs. 180/- pretty expensive for a dumb Directory !

 Boss ran away to Delhi

We then understood – very late that we have been duped – we went to his residence and claimed our money – plus the Security deposit from his parents and wife. They settled our hisaab (accounts) and so we washed our hands off that utter stupidity we got into !!

 One of my colleagues showed interest in me

There was one fellow (okay looking, fair and well mannered) with whom I was more pally than the other 2. I used to talk very freely with all. Then one day the fair fellow told me not to talk to people so openly and frankly as they infer wrong conclusions ! I was surprised and asked him exactly what he meant by that. He then told me that another fellow – bald, bulky and ugly looking and married had told him that he is ready to exchange his wife with him – as he thought that we both are going together !!!- gosh ! I was surprised at that swine’s mentality !! How could that ugly, married blob of flesh even think of me !! no wonder why Item girls are so much sought after – these ugly blobs of flesh are the ones who yearn for them earnestly  !!

Anyways I started avoiding him – we all parted ways after 22 days of togetherness – later the fair fellow became an Economics Teacher in a school – and was very happy about it. I had point blank refused him of course and I had even told him about Somnath – my illusionary love – discussed elaborately under category ‘ Autobiography’.

Sabbot ke’ tor par : (For proof & authenticity )

Folks, this was my first job in Kolkata – my Cocoon! I led the life of a princess till the first 18 years of my life (caterpillar stage in the greenary of Army Life !)- where the Army Jawaans – whom we addressed as Bhaiyas (Brother) pampered me a hell lot. I did’nt even have to fetch a glass of water for myself during those days…but Kolkata changed it all – first – I came tumbling down after I joined the Hostel here (Lady Brabourne College)- and faced the reality – met Relatives – who were all nice and sweet – when we came here occasionally – but their colors changed when it came to taking up responsibilities…then the artificial and farce relationships – the conniving, calculating , wicked & desperate acquaintances….friends…all made me understand that this World is not all that simple a place to live in !!

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