We, the Beheji Types of Women.

We, the Beheji Types of Women.

Often we see this concept shown in films & Television

Those decent, decorous ladies – who wear proper clothes

Keep to themselves and do not behave coquettish-ly

And are not very fashion conscious ….. are belittled

And addressed to as ‘Behenji’ types!!

So let me tell you something about the importance of the

So called ‘Bahenji Type’ of girls/ ladies.

It is because of our kinds of ladies

That the world is still stable – Mind it.

We are the ones who take the responsibility of being a wife & mother seriously

We are the ones who prepare food for the family members

‘Food’ that is of vital importance to all of us.

We keep the house clean – Cleanliness next to Godliness..

We stay up the night when our children are infants

Or even later when they prepare for important exams

We pray for all the family members & hope for the best for all of them…

All this is done from the heart – for we consider our family as the most important reason for survival

In fact probably the sole reason for living – making ‘Home sweet home’ a reality!

Unlike the ‘Game’ girls – always on the look out for fun!

Those who give more importance to personal needs only…

Their personal comfort & fun is the prime most important factor of life…

They will not bother much to maintain peace at home- they will constantly bicker

At the slightest opportunity, they will scream and shout & bring the whole roof down!

They love clandestine affairs & seek adventure in extra-marital affairs all the time.

Their own children are not as much important to them …as their own freedom & enjoyment.

Wearing loud makeup and skimpy attires at broad daylight – they loiter for adventure!

And their priorities are damn clear too – Live to soak in lust & greed!

So guys – it is your decision totally – whether to live with Behenji types

Or exist with the ‘Game-girl’ types.

Free-will – choice is yours!

(If you yourself are the ‘Game-male’ types, there is high probability that you will marry a “game-girl’…and the Bhaijaans will wed the Beheji type of women…..Niyati (destiny). Sometimes though in case of sheer bad luck – previous bad karmas I guess – behenji gets married to some Game Male….and some game-girl g gets married to a decent man….under such circumstances hell breaks loose for the couple – a game girl will constantly cheat the decent male and the decent lady will bang her head against the wall cursing herself for being with the game-male!)


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