What has Kundalini Shakti got to do with SEX ?

What has Kundalini Shakti got to do with SEX ?


Since maximum websites that talk about this ‘Sacred Serpent Energy’ (Kundalini shakti) are flooded with this absolute nonsense (connecting sex with divine energy), I thought I should better make it crystal clear for the seekers!

Folks, when God could create such an intricate body system of ours – beautifully allotting different roles to different systems – like Excretory system for expelling wastes, Digestive system for digestion & assimilation, Respiratory system for respiration etc. – why on earth would He merge the Reproductive system with the divine Spiritual system (the pure subtle system that consists of the Nadis, chakras and the serpent energy)?!

Trust me, He was in no hurry that He should just somehow package the subtle spiritual system with something as gross & obvious as the reproductive system! Reproductive system is required for procreation. Period.

Therefore folks, if anyone tries to con you in the name of spirituality and tries to sell ‘sex’ related stuff – run several miles away from such charlatans who are nothing but pervert, sex-starved BEEPS who have only taken birth to ruin pure souls and seekers!



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