What is the source of confidence of the BEEP personalities?

Why Are ‘Immoral Perverts’ So Full Of Confidence & Fearless Too?

Because majority of World inhabitants literally worship ‘immorality’!

We all (in India at least) know from Day-1 of our arrival on Planet Earth –

About things that are morally wrong and to be avoided like plague!

But ultimately we land up doing exactly all that is morally wrong & depraved!

Why? Because those who have made money by using ‘immoral means’

Pay the media to advertise their ‘Immoral’ ways and means

Make their females dance to their tunes wearing…well, almost nothing

Show how much they are enjoying by visiting foreign lands and buying ‘kewl’ stuff

…thus defining LIFE for the ‘deprived & ignorant’ !

With 60% plus world citizens living hand to mouth……

Who would even be interested in Moral values anyways?

The basic need of a human being is FOOD

Whatever fetches them that ‘food’ – they will do exactly that.

So now the ball is in the court of the ‘knowledgeable & well-fed’…

No – The ‘Wise and the well-fed’

Only they can bring about peace and justice

If and only if they wish to!


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