What purpose do Rituals serve and why they are so important for many people.

What purpose do Rituals serve and why they are so important for many people

An article by Sahaja Yogini Saumya Rai

It is easy to worship an idol carved out of stone and follow a custom sometimes the origin of which is not known. 
Trust me, it is easy. 

Rituals were invented for people who did not have the courage to introspect and reflect. They would run away from sitting still at every single excuse. They will twitch and scratch and move and yawn. Their eyeballs will move constantly to check if the person sitting next to them is actually meditating. They would doubt, smirk, mock at them. 

It is far easier to abstain from drinking in ’Navratri’ and then forget all about the Goddess. Durga Maa is the only accepted Mother while all other women become objects of pleasure and satisfaction and even a patch of bare skin visible is enough to stick their eyes on. 

Goddess Lakshmi is Strictly confined to fulfill one’s monetary desires. If there is little money in the pocket, all blame for the miserable condition is put on her.

Drink wine, consume tobacco, use obnoxious language and then expect Shri Krishna to bless you with his sweetness and charm!

Keep imagining God to be nothing more than a stone sculpture and He will keep rewarding you with the choicest of things you deserve.

Wake up to Reality. Wake up to God. You can never find Him unless you look within. You can never understand and witness the joy of living in His kingdom unless you forget the ’I’ and dissolve yourself completely into the endless ocean of His Love.

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