Who is Shri Mataji? – Experiences of Sahaja Yogi Gregoire de Kalbermarten

Who is Shri Mataji?

– Experiences of Sahaja Yogi Gregoire de Kalbermarten

I remember a fine morning of August 1975, sitting in a suburban train between Hurst Green and London. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was sitting in front of me. I had spent some very intriguing and mind boggling moments in her house, the day before, having felt levels of consciousness whose bliss it is impossible to describe.

I was fairly puzzled and asked quite simply: “Shri Mataji, who are you?”

She responded something like: “open your hands, close your eyes and ask the question again”, suggesting I should ask through my meditation. I did so. After some time – I do not know how much time – I opend my eyes again. Shri Mataji was smiling; she said “So?”

I responded “Nothing Shri Mataji, just the silence”.

She said “I am the silence”.

But for the rest of the day, I had the feeling of being so light that I was literally wondering whether my feet were touching the ground; the quality of well being throughout this day of shopping in London was again ecstatic. These states of higher awareness were registered by my central nervous system and cannot be doubted. The perception is direct.
So, who is Shri Mataji? Caiaphas asked Jesus: “Are you the son of God?”When Jesus replied affirmatively, the Pharisees sent him to Pontius Pilatus and to the cross.

Sometimes people ask and do not want to know.

Sometimes people ask and do not want to believe.

But if we ask because we are genuinely interested, and honest, then, only in meditation can we get close to the subject, in a living and experimental manner. All the rest is words, and words are just that: ambivalent and unconvincing.

The history of spirituality shows that spiritual masters are fought by the mainstream establishment when they are alive and worshipped when they are dead in order to take advantage of their legacy.

My advice to those who would like to know the truth about Shri Mataji’s unique and historical advent on this earth is to get access to self realisation through the proven technique of sahaja yoga and go deeper in meditation where responses unfold.
Gregoire de Kalbermarten

About Author

Gregoire de Kalbermatten was born in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1949. He studied law, international relations and political sciences in Geneva, Bologna and at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA. He had been active in banking, diplomacy and international cooperation where he served in the fields of capital funding for the least developed countries and global environment protection. He directed, co-authored and published a number of books and studies in related fields. His deep interest in cross cultural understanding and spiritual awakening is part of a response to such challenges.

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