Why did I stop writing Short Stories? – Saavdhan India is the reason!

I am often asked this question – when is my next release (of Kalyug Briefs) coming (by people who know me very very closely ie.)

FAQ: (Frequently Asked Question)

Why did I stop writing short stories?

I stopped writing short stories because I do not think my stories can have the same level of mystery, drama, scandal, amazement etc. that real life episodes …taking place in India, has! Compared to these scandalous real life stories, my fictional short stories are like plain water – absolutely tasteless .. barely managing to give any KICK! Who would buy water huh!? It is available for free – thanks to our Government …they have put up coolers at bus stops, railway stations for people to quench their thirst in this scorching heat!

Anyway..this artwork is not a propaganda of our Government…it is for my (hardly any) fan. Lol!


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