Why do men take to any kind of addiction?

Why do (some) men get drunk? OR why do (some) males get addicted to alcohol or drugs?

There may be several reasons …but couple of the main ones may be enumerated as follows:

  1. Since childhood boys are made to study and read books on great personalities like scientists, patriots, literary figures etc. They are literally made to mug up stuff discovered/ invented by the great personalities, their date of birth, schooling, name of parents etc. Somehow they pass all school/ college examinations and ultimately observe that they have to lick the feet of whoever is higher in position than them. The ‘high’ or ‘low’ position is judged by the bank balance – ie. if a person is rich, he is big, if a person is not financially well off – he is nothing..or of least significance (how the money is earned or how the person has become rich is not relevant – it may be by selling drugs in colleges, selling humans in slave/sex trade – whatever). It is at this revelation that ‘weaker’ males break down and drown themselves in alcohol or drugs!
  2. Since childhood boys watch films…also as they reach their teenage, they get exposed to Blue films too (nowadays though they need not wait that long – with the availability of cheap smart phones & easy adult rated mms etc. boys get exposed to blue film clips rather early in life!). So in films, because the film makers want to make quick money, they hire sassy, shameless females who readily undress to entertain males of all age groups (in exchange of money and fame of course). Now males (some – those who do not interact much with females in real life) start expecting sassiness from females in real life as well. But in real life, most females are far from being sassy, they are rather shy and confused themselves – whether they should be sassy or shy..in order to win the love of their dream man! In all this confusion, two confused souls meet….to mate (ie. after marriage). We all know ‘expectation reduces joy’ – thus males who had grown up watching blue films et al. get a rude shock when they see their wives are least interested in ‘sex’ itself! Another reason to head straight towards the pub!
  3. The above two reasons are for the educated section of the society – those males who are born in poverty, on the streets, in red light areas etc. they start drinking for no reason at all. For them, drowning themselves in some kind of addiction – be it alcohol, tobacco or drugs – come by default. Such poor souls (well, karmaphal after all) are made to think – by their mentors – who use humans for begging, stealing, sex etc. – that consuming alcohol, drugs etc. is what life all about….you take birth, and start dying from day one of your birth…..so it is better to forget moment-wise death by consuming alcohol!

The above 3 reasons are more or less the 3 main reasons why males drown themselves in any kind of addiction! If you want just a single statement to sum it up – then that would be:

Expectation Reduces Joy!!

With reduced Joy, you tend to drown yourself in despair!


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