Why do (some) managers scream and use abusive language?

Why do (some) managers scream and use abusive language?

Hi folks,

We all know that humans are not born with a screaming nature nor do they make an entry on planet Earth after learning abusive language from wherever they were before birth! So now the question is – why do people – especially those who are in the managerial positions – scream and shout in order to get work done?

The reason is not very complex! Rather simple. Anyone who is having to repeat the same thing again and again and yet again to the same set of people and yet the work result turns out to be sloppy and below average – anyone is bound to lose his/her cool! This is more or less the reason why managers are hated so much! Because they are in a position to rectify things and get work done ..but unfortunately not everyone is bright, alert and intelligent! In a classroom there were students who used to get less than 30% in all subjects – remember they grow up too and join a workplace. They may appear big and mature – but what about their brains? Brains more or less remain the same folks – inattentive, sloppy and disinterested! Morning shows the day after all …unless some sort of a miracle takes place…the sloppy individual remains ‘sincerely sloppy’ for ever!

Thus folks, you often hear managers scream and shout that makes you wonder about the cruelty of the managers..but sometimes try and think from a Manager’s point of view also…and remember that the students who used to fail in all subjects are also working in offices along with the bright students.

What should be done to de-stress frustrated Managers?

Motivational discussions should be held every week. Focus should be on the non-performing executives and workers. The HR department should be informed about the ‘sloppy’ workers so that they are given extra training . The managers should observe the workers closely and report the HR regarding non-performing workers.

Below average brained employees should be given cookie-cutter jobs since they lack originality and cannot be expected to be innovative or creative.

Try not to scream and shout or even abuse a non-performer – he/she was not fortunate enough to be born to parents with a strong genetic map. Treat everyone with kindness.

Kindness and patience creates wonderful miracles.


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