Why Indian Girls (some) have taken to flirtatious & aggressive ways?

A rather contradictory scenario is prevalent here in India esp. in the upbringing of male and female chid.

Whereas females are highly protected and a great deal of chastity is expected from females, the males are given total (more or less) independence to go ahead and have ‘sex’ with anyone who catches their fancy! So for teenager (to adult) males (many), there are ‘desperate housewives’, sex workers, dance bars, brothels to go to and have fun but the female child is expected to learn cooking, sewing and especially worshipping idols of various gods so that they eventually get a good husband..basically be blessed with a good husband!

Now where is the good husband?

What makes a ‘husband’ material good?

What is expected from a good husband?

These questions are barely answered. Some girls get into heavy reading and stuff and feed their minds with dumb silhouette romance ideas! Others learn the art of cooking etc. and get busy preparing themselves for the marriage market – beautifying themselves, behaving nicely and kindly and gently and all that blah-blah!

All the above mentioned things are not new – has been happening since eons and the result of such lifestyle and preparation is also witnessed by women worldwide. Along with real life incidents that girls personally witness eg. in the neighbourhood or cases of friends and relatives, there are films and teleserials too that show incidents from real life. So basically what they come to realise is this:

  1. In spite of leading a highly chaste life, some female got married to an alcoholic who beats her up black and blue almost daily!
  2. A virgin bride gets a brothel visitor as husband!
  3. Wife, after becoming mother, lost her youthful charm and sees the lust for her body gradually diminish in the eyes of her husband – and husband turning into a stray dog too!!
  4. There are males who pick up females from the road – do the needful in the car – before returning home to wife (mother of his children).

The above mentioned things don’t remain hidden for long. For example, the daughter in such a family, whose father is a brothel visitor, will never ever want to be like her mother – nice, sober, religious (worshiping idols of Gods)patient and forgiving her husband in spite of being a bloke (or whore monger)…in fact nor would the mother want her daughter to be a subservient bi*ch like her! So what happens in such a family? Obviously the daughter becomes aggressive and takes after her father! She may even decide to become a ‘pick-up’ girl too or just merrily sleep around with anyone who catches her fancy – just like her father!!

So females who take to aggressive or rebellious lifestyle are not really at fault – they are just born to give their fathers a taste of their own sex-starved selves! Their fathers used, misused & disused several females….the same will happen with his DNA extension too…karma folks, karma.


Qs. But what was the fault of a poor girl who was born in such a family? Why should a new soul waste her life by becoming a sex-worker?

Ans. She was having some ‘carry-over’ karmas. In her previous life, she might have committed adultery and ruined families – broken homes etc. so such souls will have to come back in such families where they will feel the pain of ‘broken family’…a crying and wailing mother or a debauch father!…as I mentioned earlier – it is all about Karma.

Qs. So you are trying to say that fathers are always at fault??!

Ans. No! When did I ever say that!? I was citing a single simple example here – there are several billion permutation and combinations of lives on planet earth – sometimes females are at fault, sometimes males are at fault.

Qs. How about citing an example of a female being at fault?

Ans. (deep sigh) if you had read the example closely, you would not have asked this question – but anyways – here is it – I did mention ‘Desperate housewives’ and ‘sexy aunties’ – who merrily invite males – either for fun or making quick money in absence of husbands….so are they not breaking families? are they not breaking the trust of their husbands? What example are they setting for their children? Children of such mothers obviously become either pimps, gigolos….. or complete losers!

So folks, it is Karma all the way – find out how to break free from this mesh!…the good news is – there is a way!…more about it in my other post sometime..


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