Lack of discretion is the root of all troubles!

DISCRETION …. Need of our times

Today, all the problems of human beings … be they physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological, social , religious, environmental, are due to one common factor…. Lack of discretion…. which makes them vulnerable to accept all that is easy and not demanding, allowing themselves to be hypnotised by ideas and teachings of those who want to sway them to their own line of thinking, which comes either out of their malignant vested interests or out of their sheer ignorance.

So long as human beings will remain at the level of normal human consciousness, the discretion will never come to them as they are still caught up in the web of mind, where they will always see only the relative truth and never graduate to a level to see the absolute, which can only happen, unless they ascend to a level to go beyond (para) their mind.

All foods are not healthy… some things are highly dangerous, toxic or even poisonous. But do we stop eating due to that ? All teachers in schools are not the ideal ones to take care of young formative minds… but do we stop sending our kids to schools because of that ? All medicines are not benign, most have harmful drug effects… but do we stop taking all medicines due to that ? We don’t.. because all that would amount to throwing the baby out with the bath water !

Today in these times of confusion and turmoil, there are scores of individuals with demonic temperament in this world who are trying to misguide and lead people astray… all those people who are seeking solace and trying to find ways to cope with innumerable problems they are facing in their lives. These individuals unfortunately due to lack of discretion on their parts fall a prey to the machinations of some of these individuals, masquerading in the garb of Religious Teachers, Godmen, Psychologists, Mental Health Personnel, Spiritualists, Astrologers, etc. etc.

All the simple remedies these people “sell” to their “clients”, for a high price are easily acceptable to them, as most of them are not ego-challenging as they don’t require them to face themselves, but passively receive “solutions” to their problems. Hence, these wily individuals can easily overpower the weak by temporarily withdrawing their ego which acts as a barrier, and become easy targets of hypnotism and mesmerism.
So, what is the solution to all this ? In simple words, one has to become a honeybee to taste the honey. Unless and until, one experiences the “rise” in human consciousness, one cannot know the absolute truth. This next step in human evolution is easily available now to those who have a pure desire to “know one’s own self” triggering off one’s own inner transformation and to be able to finally realize the absolute truth. Only when many individuals achieve this state, this inner transformation is projected outside to act like a catalyst to bring about transformation of the world, through the awakening of the Collective Consciousness of the Human Race. This inner state in every human being is the final aim of our Human Evolution.

SAHAJA YOGA Meditation

Since 1970, through SAHAJA YOGA Meditation by spontaneous awakening of a dormant energy within the sacrum bone of our spine, all this has been made possible. Only the awakening of this Kundalini Energy is spontaneous triggered off by a person’s pure desire. Only through regular meditation and honest introspection, this state has to be established within oneself to act. The solution to any problem has to come from within and not thrust by anyone outside for a price. One has to face one’s own ego and conditionings, watch them as a witness and thereby keeping them separate , realize the absolute truth “as it is” unpolluted by the effects of the two.

That state is “YOGA”…. union with the Divine Dimension within us and with the Divine Energy outside. The Divine qualities which make us truly human then start manifesting within us in a spontaneous manner, taking care of all the problems that we humans have created out of our own weaknesses, follies and foibles. Only through this inner transformation can all our problems find a common solution to get resolved. The technique of this unique method of inner awakening was discovered by H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Today, this form of meditation has been practised in more than 110 countries of the world.

I discovered “Sahaja Yoga” as an answer to my earnest seeking in 1990, and bless the day I found this for I cannot ever imagine my life without it.

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Article by Sahaja Yogini Armaity Bhabha.

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