A Paradigm Shift In The World Spiritual Movement

A Paradigm Shift In The World Spiritual Movement

The Chart shows:: The World Subtle Body Map With Roles of Different Nations
Different Nations depict the different chakras as we have on our body.
Chakras have defined roles – so do the nations.
Once this awareness is conceived worldwide….no one can stop us to reach the ‘Promised Land’ – / The Kingdom Of God…Or Rama Rajya!!

India for example has the all important – spiritual seed planted in Maharashtra – ie. the Mooladhara – and Kundalini area lies in India & neighboring countries – thus India has a very important role to play in the worldwide spiritual awakening.

Ever wondered why stellar creativity often comes from Africa – well – the creativity Center – Sacral/ Swadhistana Chakra lies there!!

How come maximum communication software and collective connectivity methods (eg. social media – Facebook!! etc) get invented in the United States? – Vishuddhi Chakra Area folks – stands for communication!!


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