Chalk & Duster – Hindi Film Review

Chalk & Duster – A Review

The age old injustice done to teachers !

Teachers should be the most pampered of all employees! Once the teachers, who actually sculpt our future, are happy, the happiness of the rest of the nation will automatically be taken care of!

When a teacher imparts knowledge, along with the information stored in the books, the personality of the teacher too gets imbibed by his/her students.

Thus it is most important that teachers possess a strong and positive, optimistic and happy disposition.

Film shows how schools are speedily turning into business centers! The teachers are unconfident to speak up against corrupt administrators because of fear of losing jobs! If teachers are so unconfident … what is expected from students?!

Private school teachers are paid lesser but they have to put in double the effort – to keep up with the competition of neighbouring schools!


On the other hand, it was also shown that Municipality schools run by the Government are not good enough and parents are reluctant to get their wards admitted to Govt. schools! Immediate attention should be given towards raising the standards of Govt. schools so that both parents and teachers get the confidence of joining such schools.

It is because teachers get a raw deal that some of them take private tuition and force the students to join their batches..this gives rise to hatred & animosity towards teachers! Not every student belongs to a rich family that can afford expensive after-school tuition – by forcing students to join private tuition and failing them during exams just because he/she did not join the tuition course is a devastating experience for both the student and his parents! Such shocking experiences since childhood does not allow the development of a confident & positive personality …and as a result the entire nation suffers because of negative, unconfident & pessimistic citizens!

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