Early Childhood



Early Childhood Memories

I am the third born also last born child of my parents

Before me were born –

My Brother 1 st born

My sister 2 nd born

Me 3 rd born

The youngest of all

Mischievous – not very though

Just a little.

I do not remember my mother ever hitting me

Or beating me.

Basically I have seen that children start to get beaten after they enter school

For not doing their homework

For not being able to understand why 2 plus 2 is 4

For not being able to by-heart poem written by some great soul !!

For not being able to mug up General Knowledge questions like

Who was what? When? Why? How come? Why not?

Etc. list is endless.

You see my sister and brother

Have had the taste of scolding & even beating

By parents because of reasons stated above

Now you all may wonder how come I escaped being beaten

Did I say I escaped totally?

No – never !

I said I was never beaten by my parents

As they had allocated the duty of teaching me to my elder siblings

Cause you see when I came of age,

They were old enough to handle my education

Write A-B-C D

Okay now write the same in small letters


Specially my sister had taken more responsibility

My brother used to occasionally teach me

Maths mostly.

By the time I was born,

My parents had become overconfident

As far as child birth & management was concerned ie.

Their 1 st born being a son – they took son-like care

Their 2 nd born being a daughter – they took extra care – daughter after all …..

Their 3 rd born being me – they were over confident about rearing up children by now……so the reason why I became the way I am – hoo hoo ha ha ha !

Memoirs of my sister  …..as seen by me

She started her teaching career with me

I was her very first student

(in fact the other day I was asking her to give me Shishya dakshina

She is by-the-way a very sought after teacher in her school Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan

Very favorite among her students )

I know the reason why she gets along so famously with her students

She dramatizes everything – using esp. hand gestures & eyes …unlike me..

Whatever little drama-baazi I have learnt till date

Is mostly because of her initiation

And ofcourse the entire Follywood team is equally involved

Folly bole` to (meaning) – Holly, Tolly, Bolly, Molly..and now Lolly….etc. all together.

But everything said & done – they are Jolly good People

Showed me mirth even in supposedly painful demise or death of a loved one

She dramatizes things with sound effects in fact … like –

Process of Photosynthesis – Sun rays are coming Zoom-zoom-zoom

Chlorophyll reacting – trill-trill-trill

Oxygen Out in the morning – woosh.

Co2 –Carbon dioxide at night – tan-taraan-tan

The reason why one should not sleep under a tree at night

The droppings of owl and co2 will get you at night !

Anyways that was an example of how she taught me.

Introduction to GODS –

Well folks you all must be wondering by now

When – exactly when – I came to know of Gods and started to pursue them

Day in and day out…

The culprit – Amar Chitra Kathaas

And another Culprit – My sister – she read out those comics to me

And on top of the inanimate pictures – she told me the story with

Ample amount of animation

Now most of the comics

Were full of stories about Gods, demons and their relationship

One of such stories – I do not remember exactly which one

Well described that a saint did penance for so many years and then Lord Vishnu came

Stood there in front of him

Asked him what he wants

Blessed Him and vanished in a fraction of a millisecond !!

Now this is not fair !

I used to tell her why does he vanish so soon ?

The saint prayed for so many years – why are Gods in such a hurry?

To which she had said – Are you mad? Its his good luck that at least He came !!

These Gods don’t have much time – they have to look after the entire Creation !!

So one should better be prepared – He can come in any form any time…

This was It !

Indians do you remember Mungeri Lal Ke` Haseen Sapne` ?

Well we all know every human being has a mind somewhat like Mugeri Lal …

(For people who have not seen this tele-serial and for foreigners –

Mungeri Lal was a character in a TV serial who used to day dream a lot – his mind was full of fantasies – and on the slightest food for thought – he used to imagine himself how he would handle the situation if he had been in the same soup / situation – he often and obviously used to be heroic in his own dream – who is’nt?)

So I used to think a lot about how I would handle things..

When Lord Vishnu would come to me and ask me to ask for something…

I had this fear factor implanted in me since childhood in fact

I had also heard stories/ read in comics / Champak / Chamdamama

(We were subscribers of Champak, Chandamama & Reader’s Digest)

of how people regretted having asked for a wrong boon – but

Alas harm had already been done and he/she had missed a chance

A very rare chance of a life time !!

This tension used to worry me a lot

And I often used prepare myself – what exactly I will ask..

And I thought of a plan –

My Plan of handling a boon –

Lord Vishnu : Ask for a boon.

Me: I want you !

Lord Vishnu : But….

Me (not letting him finish) : No ifs & buts – You asked me “Ask for a Boon” you did not include the words “Except Me” – You are a God – You have to be mine now.

I imagined that Lord Vishnu has to be with me for life and reluctantly He is waiting patiently for me to ask for further favors !

Now folks when I was 6 – 7 years old – a movie had been released

Named “ Raani aur Lal Paari ”- story of a small girl and a Red fairy.

There was a scene in the movie where there were

Houses made of Biscuits

Doors made of chocolates

Toffees hanging on trees kinda stuff

(yeah! story of Hansel & Gretle copy-pasted)

And I imagined that I asked Lord Vishnu to take me there

And I lived there happily ever after – having the best of things life had to offer

Well ,a child 6-7 years old in the year 1976-77 used to think this

My kinda child at least – there are many like me btw.

Playing with Dolls :

Oh! Me and my sister used to play a lot – lot – lot with dolls

What have we not done in the game !!

Got them married

Celebrated their birthday

Made them go to parties

To dance parties

To Pujas and mandirs which we used to pseudo-build

With packing materials and other thrown –away –by-mother things

We really used to freak out collecting such stuffs

And reused them our way

We used to make Cupboards for our dolls by cutting Rum or Whisky packets/ package

Made of card-board

We (sister esp.) used to sew clothes for our dolls by dress materials – pieces left from our clothes

My mother used to make dresses for us – she had bought a sewing machine

We used to knit woolens for them (not me much – I was small – my sis used to do such things mostly)

In fact we used to play God-God also

We actually used to buy Gud-ki-patri (sweetmeat made of molasses with peanuts)

Revdi (made of sugarcane & sesame seeds …actually its TIL – I do not know correctly whether it is sesame seed or not – pardon me please)

Candles & Incense sticks

And create a small Mandir (temple)

With the help of bamboo sticks and card-board etc.

Decorate it with Flowers etc.

Our friends used to come – neighborhood friends – all girls –as boys were always ….

…..And as usual busy with cricket – my brother and other neighborhood boys ie.

And to be very frank we never were interested in inviting these males who only know how to create danga-fasaad (ruckus)

Boys – as far as I remember used to destroy all our endeavors of decoration etc.

The list of invitees also mandatory-ly had –

Our helping – mates – also called helping hands (previously referred to as maids /servants etc.- now that people are aware how indispensable they are – they are being given polite names)

In fact our helping-mates used to be very helpful – they are the ones who used to get

Flowers from gardens , chisel bamboo sticks, cut card-boards according to the right size

Knife & blade required here

make sweet meats and other goodies that required fire

Mother never allowed us to go near fire

As she was very afraid of home accidents

And daughters & fire – is a big NO-No combination

As – if we accidentally burn ourselves – we might never get married

As we would become ugly and scarred for life

Kind of Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram…..(a hindi movie)

Neither did she let us play with sharp things

Blade or knife – we might cut our fingers

Suffer from septic…

Lock jaw..

Over & out for life !!

My Mother is very particular about such things.

So our childhood was pretty normal I would say

Just as it should be

My sister obviously always had an upper hand

She was bossy

If ever I was not listening to her

She knew exactly how to make me work according to her wishes

She had taken over my studies remember?

So in case I disobeyed her while at play

She suddenly used to ask me the most difficult of spellings …

Like “Okay? Really? Fine – spell Aeroplane ,… elephant..

Recite the poem “Baba black sheep”…. – oh yeah !? six times nines are ?”

So in order to avoid these locha prashnas (crises /hitch questions)

I used to obey her…a lot…reluctantly though!

Actually there were many reasons for listening to her in fact.

She has been a very handy sister –

An honest confession for all my Teachers :

All my Project Works (Pariyojana Karyas)

Have been made by my sister !

I know it wouldn’t come as a shock to my Kendriya Vidyalaya Teachers

If they still remember me ie.

They must have guessed it anyways !!

For the kind of a girl that I was –

I couldn’t even draw a straight line

Even with the help of a scale

I never liked Geometry

Oof ! the sight of that orange colored geometry box !!

And the scolding of all my Maths teachers

I never liked Maths !!

Never had the brains for it actually !!

Maximum hatred I had for “Commercial Mathematics”

Commercial mathematics : An honest view – whew !

Cost price = Falana.(whatever)

Selling Price = Dimkhana (again whatever – dear foreigners, hindi language is full of such sweet nothings – so too much of sweet nothings have made us very sour)

So now that you know the CP & SP, calculate his loss or profit statement for he entire year !! – Is this really fair ?

Why should a class five or six student calculate on his behalf ?

What is he/she learning ?

It is not necessary that all hes / shes will become a baniyas (business man).

And my marks used to get cut coz’ I failed to calculate this stupidity !

I used to get 3 out of 10 sometimes even 2 !…out of 10…..

And then there was Simple Interest and the confounded Compound Interest !

Ratios, fraction, trigonometry ….no wonder why the song “we don’t want no education”

By Pink Floyd…or is it? was so famous – only thing was – grammar wise it meant…

“we want education” !! – so no significant change in Education system came to our rescue (sigh)

Geometry – Hence proved !!

The education system only knows why we had to prove whether a triangle is Isosles or flat…..whatever !

No wonder why the backbenchers, weaker students ..like me

Love to make & watch serials based on triangular relationships !

He loved her but she loved the other him – could not confess & committed suicide !!

It happens in real life too !!

In spite of so much calculations & geometry

People are so weak hearted & minded !! amazing education system I tell you !!

But somehow I liked Algebra !!

Actually it was not somehow – there was a solid reason for that

Seeing my miserable performance in school

My brother & sister were very good in studies …

We were in Hasimara that time – Kendriya Vidyalaya Hasimara

And my brother had been declared All-rounder that year !!

Anyways since it was a small Field area (opposite of Peace Station as said in Army)

My father requested the Master Ji who was actually kept to educate the Army Jawans

To teach me – Maths only !!That was the first time in fact that a tutor had entered in our house – as my elder siblings managed all of it themselves.

Masterji used to come at 4 pm I remember…

I used to go to sleep purposely

He used to teach for 1 hour – 4pm to 5pm

I used to pretend to be asleep – wake up somehow at 4.15 pm thinking that at 5 pm he will leave – so today I’ll study for 45 minutes only (this much calculation I could do )

But Masterji was very clever – on such days he used to teach till 5.15 pm

I found him very wicked for this reason..

Anyways one good thing that happened is that with single minded concentration he taught me – as I was the only student

He started with Algebra

Lots of practice I had in Algebra

Probably the reason why I could manage to like this portion of Maths…

a 2 + b 2 +2ab = (a + b) 2

hmmm…have forgotten all about it now.

Anyways I deviated for the subject – well not really

Telling you all about my childhood remember ?

Okay – Let me start from Nursery..

Memoirs of my brother as seen by me

Well I was not very close to my brother

Probably cause of age difference – some 6 years

He used to teach me Maths – sometimes..

He used to tell me stories from Chandamama etc. – a bed time story for me – well to put me to sleep was his responsibility.

He used to watch cricket, collect stamps, read lot many books, comics etc.

He used to leave home – to play – at around 4 pm and used to be back only after several calls from mom – all sweaty and perspiring !

After that sometimes he used to foul the doll house arrangements me & my sister had done !

We used to scream – “Maa , dada ke` dekho” (Mom look at brother !)

In reply to which she used to scream back from the kitchen “I have seen him enough – you see him now”!- actually she was barely in her early thirties – and already taking care of 3 children !

Gosh ! how did she manage I wonder sometimes !!

A thief at the age of 4 !

A bit further from our house were our friends – Neelima & Vikas

Vikas used to collect stamps as well – one day he had received some foreign stamps by mail…both he and my brother had requested for those stamps.

Vikas had received but my brother had’nt !

I must have been 4 years old at that time – seeing my brother’s disappointment after he checked the Letter box of our house – I was pretty sad for him…

I stole Vikas’s stamp envelop and ran back home to make my brother happy !

My brother was shocked – he then made me understand that it is wrong to steal someone else’s property!

I remember him telling me “I certainly wouldn’t like to be known as a Chorni’s (thief’s ) brother” !

We both then went back to Vikas’s house and stealthily kept the envelop back !

Vikas never even came to know that I had stolen his stamps – but by that time – at such an early age – I learnt the lesson of a life time “We should not steal !” (sob-sob)

My brother was not very keen to teach me:

My brother did not have as much patience with me as my sister. Occasionally he was asked to teach me Maths….and he used to get very exasperated while teaching me ! He used to bring the whole house down while trying to teach me. He used to call my parents or take my copy to them to show how dumb I was – and asked them how exactly they expected him to teach a girl ‘how to multiply’ – the same girl who had even forgotten addition !

My parents looked my way with a lot of concern ! My sister used to be more patient with me though. She did pull my ears occasionally but then at least she did not go to report every small thing to my parents ! I think it was a method my brother had fabricated in order to escape teaching me ! He was very clever since childhood – the reason he is an MBA now !!

Anyways he was given the rsponsibility to put me to sleep. So every night he used to tell me a story and put me to sleep.

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