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NOT a story folks – an incident …read on.

I happened to meet and converse with an ex-nurse cum assistant of a local Nursing home. Her revelations were rather shocking!

Girls and women between the age group of 14 to 40 – abort their 3 to 7 months old embryos like as if it was a part of some daily mundane routine!

She: You know it’s so risky to abort the baby that is 7 months old.

Me: Risky?  It’s illegal! – no nursing home or hospital is allowed to do that unless it’s some pregnancy complicacy like German measles or high blood sugar etc.

She: duurr…who cares for all those rules – these females come and abort and go. Over and out.

Me: But a 7 months old infant will almost be a complete baby with heart beat etc. and….

She: Yes, yes – it’s a full fledged baby – when we used to take it out, we could feel the heart beat, half opened eyes, moving lips…sometimes I even cried – but later I became used to it –it was my duty after all – I was getting paid at the end of the month…so we had to perform our duties…

Me: So? What did you do with it?

She: Straight into the drum …we used to throw it in the drum@

Me: You mean the heart is beating and all that – and still you all threw it..

She: Yes – it will eventually die – without the proper temperature and food….they die soon. What I was saying is the risk and the pain that the mother goes through – like the doctor used to inject some anaesthetic solution and then we inserted a suction tube through her vagina we used to pump and she was made to wait for a while. After half an hour or so, the pain starts and then it’s so very difficult to control the female – she trembles, shivers, screams – 3-4 of us nurses used to pin her down…..

Me: yikes! Please stop describing – I will puke now!…what kind of foolish females are they by the way? Like if they don’t want a baby, can’t they just abort on the second or third month – why wait till it becomes a life risk! Such idiots…..

She: No …they don’t know…they don’t come to know…they are pretty dumb also..

Me: Oh! Please – they know the act through which they get pregnant – and after doing the needful suddenly they become all innocent and ignorant – you miss your chum and you should be alert….

She: But suppose some 13 years old girl, who does not even know properly about menstrual cycle etc… will  she know about missing chums etc.

Me: Oh!? She will know how to go out and  ‘F’….but she will not know anything else after that! – now that’s stupider …

She: don’t understand…they need not go out for the ‘F’ thing…in those remote areas incest is rampant …these girls only told us – they hardly step out of their houses – when they become noticeably pregnant – some male of her house will bring her to some dingy nursing home in the town – abort her….and probably her life will again start as before…this is the status of those poor girls – they are uneducated and illiterate – no one to guide them …so the males in their own family just treat them like that….so now tell me where will they go and what will they do? They have no way out.

Me: Oh!….so probably this is the reason why women go for female foeticide….no female will tolerate the fact that someone she gave birth to will become her competitor (souten) when she hits adolescence…yuk! so abominable is their status…and here we have people screaming about girl child education and females being treated as respectfully as men are – they are the same and blah blah!

She: What good has education also done? – when rich and educated females are showing their semi nude bodies to one and all – shamelessly posing in front of the camera – these rapes take place because everywhere you can see posters of shamelessly posed females…so males are pushed to think of us as nothing but ‘sex-objects’ – most other feelings of brotherhood/ fatherhood  gets doused if 24/7 you are exposed to such types of images….

Me: Instead of aborting, why don’t they give the child for adoption? There are several couples who are dying for a child…

She: oh! That business is also there – there is this lady I know – every once in two years we saw her – she delivered the baby and left the next day – then another lady from the orphanage used to come and take the baby away.

Me: What!? Why would she do that?

She: She got money from the orphanage – like when couples adopt, they need to shell out money – some percentage used to go to her too…

Me: Oh My Gawd! – there is a Bengali phrase ‘ Ku-shontaan jodio ba hoye, kumata kokhono noy’ (children can turn out to be rotten, but a mother can never be rotten) – you totally nullified this saying today!

She: hmmm….that lake where the sweepers throw away those embryos…it must be containing some lakhs and lakhs of such dead infant bodies….sometimes during the night time I was afraid to even cross over that bridge…cause I knew all those things are thrown here….

Me: Please change the topic…truth is very bitter indeed!

So this is the journey of a woman in Kalyug….from Motherhood to motherwood!

Women….be like a tree that bears fruits and benefits all..instead of just being a piece of decorative wooden furniture….that gets made only after felling the tree.


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  1. I probably wludon’t go through with it. I am too selfish to be tied down the rest of my life.Our friends went through this 13 years ago. My friend was 40 and this was her first baby.She and her husband have known each other since they started dating at age 17.She found out that their baby would have Downs Syndrome so she aborted it.She was mature and all but still didn’t think she could handle the situation.She felt she was getting too old herself for such a big change in her life.Sort of sad because she is 53 now and they have no kids. Was this answer helpful?

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