God knows about our beliefs and even superstitions!

God knows about our beliefs and even superstitions!

Hello Readers!

I will start writing about this after telling you an incident of my life. And based on this incident, I am writing this article.

It was during the time when both my parents were alive. My mother had gone to the hospital many a times – first for pacemaker then again for the lead coming off the pacemaker..then again for knee replacement then again for losing consciousness then again for losing memory…the list is endless. Anyways, every time she recuperated, I took out all her jewellery – in the sense, her earrings, chain and her nose ring. These were the bare minimum I wanted her to wear because she looked good and happy wearing them. Yes, I even bought her Kesh kala  – not that she was going out or meeting people, just so that she looks good for us and herself. She had gotten bed ridden and she remained that way for 5 long years….without ever showing any sign of discomfort or irritation! Honestly an admirable quality….I don’t possess this quality at all…I have a habit of throwing a tantrum at the slightest discomfort….well not anymore- now that both my parents are gone – no one is there to entertain my tantrums!

Anyway, so this was during the last week of June 2012. My mom complained that her nose ring is falling off while she is asleep and every morning the aayah had to hunt for it under her pillow or between her bed sheets! I said – Never mind, you put it on…if it gets lost, I will buy you another! So this continued…till the 3rd of July – when my father passed away – suddenly! He had reported of lose motions – that is very common on our family, the doctor was called ,medicine was taken and things were kind of ok…but early morning of 3rd July, he was no more.

Mourning happened and while people started pouring in from next day onwards, I suddenly asked my mom to put on the nose ring.

Me: Why have you taken off the nose ring? Put it on.

Mom looked at me and then my cousin sister-in-law said: Se can’t wear it anymore…it is the sign of a married woman, widows don’t wear nose rings in our tradition.

Oops! I thought..and then i turned to my mom and said: So was it an indication given to you by your Vishnu ji… (My mom is a die hard devotee of Vishnu ji – she became so only after our posting in Mathura cantt) that soon you will have to take it off!?

A chill ran down our spine! Mom looked towards Lord Vishnu’s image in her room and bowed to Him!

Yes! That must be it – she said!

You see, she had been wearing the same nose ring for many years…..without any trouble whatsoever….then why was it coming off….and why the last week of June….an indication given to her that soon she was to take off the nose ring forever!?

So you see folks, whatever is your belief system, your guardian angels give hints in those very lines! So people who believe that breaking of a glass or mirror or spilling of milk while it is boiling is inauspicious….then that is what is being indicated to them by their guardian angels!

So? So don’t make fun of belief systems…of course I am not saying that superstitions should be carried on or continued – especially those that are harmful for people –like tantrick practices and using the powers of lowly spirits or souls (subconscious or supraconsious) to get your work done!

What I am trying to say here is – if god is worshipped with a pure heart and pure devotion without any malice whatsoever for anyone, without the desire to harm anyone…just maybe to fulfil some simple desire of your own – that cannot cause any harm to others…that is definitely listened by God – or however you address the holy divine Spirit – and the desire is fulfilled too!

Had God not been fulfilling our desires….would HE have survived in our brains and hearts for so long?

And yes, if you dupe and cheat people in the name of god, you’ll surely meet your doom and a very bad one too…need I  say more about what is happening to the supposedly rich and greedy and rapist Godmen!?

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