Lessons Learnt from Film Aradhana – 1969

Lessons Learnt from Film Aradhana – 1969

Look at this stunning Indian woman reading Alistair Maclean (i.e. educated and English reading/speaking – in 1969 -when film Aradhana was released)

Would you believe this? Her life got totally sealed after just one single ‘Fornication’ episode!

One single copulation before wedlock and her life was doomed! She became a governess to her own son and then got jailed!

She became old and dilapidated too…all this because of a single ‘fornication’ episode!

Conclusion – Do not indulge in ‘fornication’ before wedlock and invite your own doom!


I think it is because of such films that we (me and my contemporaries) were very particular about knowing our limits and maintaining chastity! Nowadays the film heroine is an amply ‘humped’ scantily clad piece of meat…and thus speedily we are witnessing decadence in our society! You see average human beings tend to follow the rich and the famous…not knowing where it will all lead to!


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