MahaAshtami – The 8th Day of Navaratri

MahaAshtami…the 8th Day of Navaratri!

After the demon Shumbha was killed by the Devi, all Gods led by Indra & Agni praised thus the Devi….

🌷You are the One who removes the grief of all those who surrender to You
🌷You look after the Universe and are the Goddess of moving and non-moving things
🌷You are the Mother Earth and You alone are the support of the world
🌷You are the Shakti Vaishnavi (power of Shri Vishnu) of unending strength
🌷You are the primordial seed of the universe, the supreme Maya
🌷when You are pleased there is liberation on the earth
🌷All kinds of knowledge are your forms
🌷All women in the world are of your form
🌷You alone have occupied the whole universe
🌷You are the Para-Vaani (highest and subtlest form of speech) beyond all praises
🌷You are praised in all scriptures as One who grants liberation and kingdom of God to all beings

Salutations to You O Devi Narayani :

🌺who is residing in the hearts of all as Buddhi (intellect) and leading all to the heavens.
🌺who gives effect of time in the form of Kalaa and Kashthaa (small units of time) and the Shakti beyond the universe.
🌺who is three eyed and the One to be surrendered..Shri Gauri, the consort of Shri
Shiva, auspiciousness in all that is auspicious, the One who endows all success
🌺who is the eternal Shakti behind the sustenance and destruction of the whole creation , who is within and beyond the three gunas
🌺who is prompt to protect and help out all those who suffer and are surrendered to you
🌺who took the form of Brahmani (shakti of Shri Brahma) sprinkling water through kusha grass while riding an aeroplane flown by swans
🌺who is mounted on a great bull in the form of Maheshwari (shakti of Shiva) and wielding trident, crescent moon and snake
🌺who took the form of Kaumari (shakti of Kartikeya) riding on a peacock and wielding great invincible shakti
🌺who took the form of Vaishnavi (shakti of Vishnu) wielding the conch and weapons of mace, discus, and Shri Vishnu’s bow called Sharangadhara
🌺the Narayani, who bestows benevolence and who is wielding great discus in the hand and raising the earth in the form of great boar with its teeth
🌺who in the form of a ferocious lion, killed the demons, protecting the three worlds
🌺who in the form of Aindri (shakti of Indra) wearing the crown, wielding great thunder and having a thousand bright eyes, killed the demon Vrutra
🌺who in the form of Shiva dooti, made frightening war cry and assuming the terrifying form,killed the mighty army of demons
🌺who in the form of Chamunda, with a dreadful mouth due to Her great teeth, and who wore as an ornament the garland of human heads and killed the demon Munda
🌺O Devi Narayani, You who are Laxmi, Lajja, Mahavidya, Shraddha, Pushti , Swadha, Dhruva, Maharatri, Mahamaya, Medha, Saraswati, Baabhravi, Taamasi, Niyati, be pleased with us
🌺O Devi Durga, whole universe is your form, the Goddess of all, all the powers are present within you, please save us from all calamities
🌺O Goddess Katyayani, may this pleasing face of yours decorated with three eyes, protect us from all fears
🌺O Bhadrakali, may your trident which looks dreadful due to fire coming out of it, and which destroys mighty demons, protect us from calamities
🌺O Devi, may your bell, the sound of which can spread everywhere and destroy the glory of demons, protect us from sins
🌺O Devi Chandika, may the sword in your hand from which the blood of demons is dripping, be auspicious for us
🌺O Devi, when you are pleased, you eradicate all diseases.
🌺when you are annoyed, no desire is fulfilled
🌺Those who come to you for shelter, become capable of giving shelter to others
🌺O Devi Ambika, you have divided your form into many and have destroyed adharmik demons, who else can do this ?
🌺O Devi, all knowledge, all scriptures, the tenets of Vedas, contain your praise
🌺You are the One who brings the people over and over again into the darkness of ignorance and attachment
🌺O Devi, wherever there are dreadful demons, poisonous snakes, powerful armies of enemies and dacoits, wherever there are burning fires and deep sea, You are present, protecting the universe
🌺O Goddess of the Universe, You are looking after the universe. You are supporting the universe as it is your own form.
🌺O Devi, the Lord of the Universe bows before You. Those who are humble before You with devotion, provide shelter to the universe
🌺O Devi, as You have protected us by killing the demons, protect us always from enemies, please dispel all sins and diseases and calamities which befall as reward of sins
🌺O Devi, dispeller of calamities of the universe, be pleased with us
🌺O Devi, who is worshipped by the Trailokya (three worlds), be pleased with us and grant boons

Shared By Sahaja Yogini Armaity Bhabha

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