Maharashtra, India – The spiritual significance behind.

The significance of Maharashtra, India for emancipation of World from miseries!

Lord Ganesha is the presiding deity of the Mooladhara chakra in individuals.

A significant part of the Mooladhara region of Mother Earth is in Maharashtra.

Mother Earth is also the central point of our Universe – which means that part of
Mooladhara area of the Virat (Divine Primordial Being) is in Maharashtra.

Already the presence of Ashtavinayaka Swayambhus signify the importance of this place.

Hindus know that Shri Ganesha is Prathama Pujya (to be worshipped first before starting any work or havan/ yagya).

Shri Ganesha protects the purity and chastity of Mother Kundalini – which means – no such person with ulterior or impure motives, can touch the pure Goddess.

It is only with the consent and permission of Shri Ganesh, that Mother Kundalini can rise and begin to cleanse and purify all the chakras she comes across before reaching Sahasrara (crown chakra) – thereby blessing us with our own divinity or self

This important significance of Maharashtra is known to the evil forces as well. The reason they attack this particular region and keep the inhabitants under deep slumber and bind them in ignorance of lust, greed & glamour.

It is for the same reason why several saints and seers have taken birth in Maharashtra – for even the divine forces are well aware of this significance.

The day Maharashtra awakens to this important spiritual significance – and the vital role they have to play in taking the world to the next level of human evolution, that is the day the World will just begin to get rid of its miseries – and proceed towards the Golden era – Satyug.


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