FAQ – Why do people leave nasty/ derogatory comments whenever someone discusses topics on moral values/ sanctity and sanity or even spiritualism?

Reply – The question should not be starting with ‘Why’ – the query should be ‘What kind of’ people… Now it is easier to reply!So isn’t it evident what kind of people would over-react to sane/ moral values? Of course, those of who – who are immoral and insane!

We know very well that our world is full of people who are absolutely selfish and do not care at all about the rest of the people they co-exist with! These people are (unfortunately) born in such environment and circumstances where they learn to be just ‘as obnoxious as possible’ !

Mostly such people belong to :

Broken families – where children are exposed to massive domestic violence and are abused (physically/ mentally/emotionally and even sexually ) by own kith and kin since childhood.Licentious and promiscuous lifestyles of guardians – We often listen to stories – real life incidents – where either the mother or the father was irresponsible & non-caring and left with someone else – leaving behind their children in some orphanage or hostel etc.

Family members engaged in lying/ cheating/ fraudulent/immoral activities – Children grow up and they quite understand that their parents are engaged in criminal activities like –Making pornography films or graphics Abducting & forcing young girls (even boys) into prostitution/ Organ harvesting/ illegal abortions or surrogacy Selling drugs/ alcohol to teenagers (youth, middle age, aged also included) and opening night clubs and bars where females are made to perform strip-tease to entertain sleazy sex starved perverts etc.The above are some examples of the environment where such kind of upbringing take place. So when such children grow up, they automatically take up the nasty/illegal activities that his parents/ role models/ mentors/ guides have been engaged in for so long – after all – whatever it may be – it earned them their bread and butter …and education after all!

Now – when such people – read about moral and chaste values for the nation or world to progress, they get into a self defence mechanism – they tend to over-react – they are afraid that their bread and butter and their lavish lifestyles may come to total halt……thus they do everything to stop some such thing from happening!

And this is something that has been happening since eons – since the beginning of social evolution in fact – remember when Sir Moses left the slaves for some time – who he had rescued from the tyrannical Romans – the miraculous Red Sea parting and all that – in spite of such a great miracle – when he returned, he saw that those of who he had rescued were happily engaged in nasty obnoxious activities (barring very few who were silently watching) ….things that they had learnt from their ex-masters I guess!Suffice to say – Environment makes a man – unless some administrator takes serious & responsible steps to clean the environment……we will continue to suffer till the end of time.

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