Don’t mess up with the CEO of the Universe

Don’t mess up with the CEO of the Universe!

Really you don’t have to sympathise with the life story or role-play of the Divine Incarnations! They are ‘Avataars’ who take birth only to augment social evolution. And they take up a role according to the ‘knowledge/ wisdom/ lifestyle/ beliefs’ level of the region/ area where they decide to incarnate on planet Earth.

~Why they did certain things?
~Who did they do it for?
~Did they do it right?
~Should they have done it?

  • What knowledge do you yourself have of the Universal Big Picture – just the Universe where you belong (there are several Universes fyi!)?
  • Forget about the Universe, what understanding do you have of your own Earth where you are born?
  • Do you at least have knowledge of why things happen the way they happen in your own individual life?

Here is an example –

People have a lot of sympathy with Mother Sita because She was exiled the second time and no one accompanied Her to the dense forests….she was left all alone to fend for herself! Whereas when Shri Rama was exiled and he was wanting to go alone, both Mother Sita and brother Shri Lakshmana put their foot down and accompanied Shri Rama on His 14 years of exile!

The status of noble women during the Treta Yuga was very honourable. The slightest of blemish was looked down upon by the commoners. When the mass was reluctant to accept an ‘ex-abducted by demon King Ravana’ lady as their Queen, it was best for Her to leave the kingdom that had no respect for Her! Through this, one very vital revelation was given by Mother Sita – that the Line of Protection & Maryada made by noble men for the security of women should better be adhered to and never be crossed – for if you cross it even once – your life can be in a total mess! Thus we are shown that as she crossed the Lakshman Rekha, Her life took a downhill route!!

Shri Rama was already made the king of Ayodhya. Bharata, Shri Rama’s step brother (son of Kaikayei) never took the throne but had kept Shri Rama’s padukan (slippers) on the throne. And the first priority of the King is to administer his subjects. As a responsible king, He could not follow His wife to the forests to live there ‘happily-ever-after’ in a cottage made of mud and wood – you see, it is the role-play of an avatar and not some fairy tale written by an author with fertile romantic imagination!  Ad He could have married another princess but did He do that? No. As Mother Sita was living alone, separated from Her beloved, so was Shri Rama alone – and never married again – in spite of having the privilege of marrying as many times as He wished. His own father King Dashrath had three wives.

And as for the oft repeated filmy dialogue made mostly  by those ‘compromising’ actresses on the silver screen – Why should women suffer always – boo hoo hoo! Women have no independence – boo-hoo-hoo and blah blah – halt please!

Surpanakha, the demon princess and sister of Ravana- had the total freedom to loiter alone in dense forests seeking adventure – and as she sighted the handsome Prince of Ayodhaya, she immediately approached them for a ‘romantic relationship’ ?? Awwww… this is the independence and fun the females want? Surpanakha, being a wife and a mother already – wanted to have romantic alliance with any man she thought was handsome and attractive !? So, in Treta yuga itself we had such females who were egoistic, shameless, flirtations and voraciously hungry for sex with just anyone who caught their fancy!...and they had no qualms in expressing their desire to sleep with just any male they wanted too! Wow – now that’s so modern, hot and happening – right?! And this is exactly what the supposedly sassy ultra-modern females promote till date – that females should be allowed to have sex with anyone who catches their fancy (now they are given a new term ‘consenting adults’), that she will wear sexy strings only – to attract males any where, anytime! And if this is allowed, then we will become a 1st world country soon! Gosh! Such dullards all over the world!!

And last but not the least – before I wind up this article – let me discuss a bit of what happened in Dwapar Yug – that followed Treta Yug:

Mother Sita, born of Mother Earth, suffered just like our Mother Earth is suffering till date ! Yet, she lovingly tolerates the nincompoop-ish behaviour of human beings and nourishes the cactus and the rose with equal love and nourishment!

Princess and Queen of the Pandav brothers – Draupadi, born of fire, had 5 husbands to share her bed with (both polygamy and polyandry started in this yug – they exiled Mother Sita in the previous yug – remember? – doubted her chastity – now the women too had more than 1 husband or lover – after all men were allowed polygamy so why would women not be allowed polyandry?) and she was the reason to scorch the several kingdoms that supported the Kauravas !

Those responsible to make the life of Mother Sita – unhappy and lonely – were then scorched to death in the war of Kurukshetra! So there!

And yes – of course how can I not add this one – Shri Rama too had to lead a lonely life without wife – separated from such a wife who was entirely pure and  the epitome of chastity – and it was know very well to Shri Rama…well well, so in His next incarnation, he (Lord Vishnu’s 8th incarnation) , as Shri Krishna, added the ‘secret lover’ element in the psyche of women…..who later, became someone’s wife – but although she lived with her husband and survived comfortably off his earnings…just raised his children – as part of duty performance…..but continued to think and dream of her imaginary secret lover….. hardly caring genuinely about the emotional and mental needs of her husband…..and in some cases – even her children!

Conclusion – Don’t mess up with the CEO of the Universe…& definitely not with their consorts!!!

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