Have you ever really loved God?

If you really LOVE GOD

Be like HIS dearest devotee – Shree Hanuman

Gods are playful, they give you powers & watch you

How exactly are you utilizing those powers

Whether to fulfill your frivolous worldly desires

Or to tell the world about the glories of the Creator….

Preserve the pure, the good and all that exudes pure love, Being Love.

Shree Hanuman was always and only available for Shri Rama’s service

All his siddhis or other powers were only utilized by him to make things easier for his Lord

Are you doing it too?

(ps. Powers don’t only mean supernatural powers to jump across seas and become tiny or big at will…the power to love, share, care, educate also counts – who and for what reasons are you utilizing your powers? Introspect on it.)


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